Glen Suitor

Anyone else think he did a stellar job last night?

The only problem is, who is this Joe Mumford he wants us to sign.

I think Suitor and leif Peterson are the two worst commentators on the planet.

Did you hear those 2 idiots at the end of the game ??? i thought they were gonna start to cry they were so happy !!!!

I don't know either. Maybe he's someone who's slipped past scouting departments across the league. :lol:

Suitor talks a little too much some times, but he's good. Much better than Walby.

Kudos to Cuthbert last night too. CBC was crazy to get rid of him.

That has been driving me nuts for a long time now.

Suitor is terrible.. particularly last night...

I love Walby. Who else could come up with "sidewards"?

Also, any of these CBC/TSN guys is better than the tired old crew that does Hockey Night in Canada. They were good in their day but that day is 10 years in the past. Gimme the CFL guys any day.

An Argo fan

Heck I am glad someone else can see that as well. Those two would be lonely if they had a brain! Leif the other night stated that it was interference and then in the next statment with out review he contradicts himself. Just sad bring in Khari Jones at least he would know what he is talking about. Khari is a great guy hated to see his career go down the tubes but I think he would be a great commentator.

How funny is this one...

At one point he says "Well Burris raises his arms up when he is going to audible, this tells his centre NOT to snap the ball cause he's changing the play... the centre sees his arms moving incase its loud."

What a complete moron, how can a 300lb centre thats about to snap the ball SEE Burris and his arms? Seriously, does he even know what he is saying? Perhaps the slotbacks and receivers can see this, but there's no way the centre can.

I heard that and thought the same thing.
The centre is looking up at the D-line not between his legs at the quarterback

Crash, you're right, a better explanation of how Henry indicates to the Centre
that he want to call an audible and doesn't want the ball snapped would be

when Henry sets up with his hands in place behind the Centre
making his reads before he begins his snap count

he takes his hands away from his Centre's nether regions.

The Centre can feel that Henry's hands have been taken away
from his nether regions so he doesn't snap the ball.

Yeah, but unless he has go-go-gadget arms then that doesn't work when he's in the shotgun, like he was on that play.

he takes his hands away from his Centre's nether regions.

The Centre can feel that Henry's hands have been taken away

Tough to do in the shotgun! The centre can hear the audible call just fine.

Now the arm waving idea where Suitor gets that...but perhaps he DOES know something we don't??

I liked how after Boreham’s second consecutive successful field goal last Thursday, Suitor announced “redemption - redemption for Jamie Boreham!!”