Glen Suitor

Someone like Glen Suitor should not be allowed to commentate on his favorite team's games. I don't even like the Eskimos and he's been so much of a Rider homer that I'm ready to turn off the game.

He's not a bad commentator, but he simply isn't professional or smart enough to keep his Rider Pride to himself.

He is so bad...

(How bad is he?)

He's so bad, that he's making Rod Black sound good.

All time all time?

No. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glen Suitor makes me miss Chris Walby. :slight_smile:

That was clear helmet to helmet... a missed call in the Riders favour. And Glen Suitor doesn't say anything until Rod Black mentions it.


Glen Suitor is supposed to be the "football expert" and heaven forbid he say something not in the interest of his beloved Riders. He makes the CFL and TSN look bad

Chris Schultz gets it.

Fire Suitor.

Walby trumps Suitor, without a doubt. :thup:

Ya he is getting to me too about the rider crap. Rod B is more digestible than this bean head.

I've commented on Suitor many times . The man can not hide his distain for the Eskimos I suppose that's from getting his you know what handed to him every time he played them. I'm not knocking the Riders though most of the players have moved on but Suitor just can't let it go.

This is something that never would have been said here back when Walby was on TV.

Suitor is better than Walby , anytime , anyplace, anywhere.... at least Suitor doesn't mumble or mispronounce words every few seconds... the very best thing about TSN's exclusive coverage is that it took marble mouth off the airwaves...


Says the Rider fan

Only because he's taken too many head shots from Riders 8)

I always hated Walby. To me, he epitomized the incompetence of the CBC to do anything except cover hockey and waste taxpayer money.

Suits is ok, but I agree he either needs to be taken off of Rider games, or learn to control himself. He's paid to cover the game, not editorialize.

Rod Black, however, is in a league by himself. At least, I WISH he was in a different league! Maybe one in eastern Europe or somewhere deep underwater. He is an embarrassment to TSN and a "Black mark" on the league itself. God only knows how many viewers have tuned out and stopped watching the CFL because of his idiocy. Personally, I know of at least three people who have given him as the EXACT reason they don't watch CFL at all anymore.

I disagree. He's the colour guy... he's paid to editorialize. He's just supposed to do it from a relatively neutral point of view.

He's been bad for so many years, it didn't just happen recently. He's had years to learn to be professional. He can't do it. He's got to be kept away from Rider games.

Suitor is getting so bad, I'm getting to the point where I am considering turning off the TV. I don't think I'm the only one either. I had to flip over to the Red Sox game just to take a break from him.

You know, that response is so tiresome... its not a case of me being a Rider fan... his analysis of games was brutal... he constantly tripped over his words, mumbled if he couldn't pronounce anything...or was trying to get in a point before the next play. He was a poor analyst overall... and I'm talking about games the Riders weren't even in... my POV is coming from a CFL fan, not just a Rider fan.... :roll: :roll: ... some friendly advice Plett... THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR YAP!...

Suitor is awesome as a colour guy and together with Cuthbert, they are the best pair in any sport on TV.

Biggest gripe about Suitor is that he tries soooo hard to not come across as an ex-Rider that he becomes the most critical against them. He loves to play devils advocate meanwhile all the others clearly have a bit of nostalgic bias.

I seem to have touched a nerve, the truth hurts I guess

Sometimes people behave in a completely predictable manner. A Rider fan who prefers a former Rider over a former Bomber! Imagine the shock! Who could have possibly predicted that? Answer: everyone.

Before I open my yap? You see all these words on the screen? They're typed and FYI typing is the default method of posting written words on the "internet" So... I didn't actually open my "yap"

And since when is friendly advice TYPED IN ALL CAPS? And do things like "THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR YAP" constitute "friendly advice" in Saskatchewan? If so, Saskatchewan sounds like a pretty awful place. Or is it just you?

I'll try to communicate in a fashion which will be familiar to you... with all due respect YOU AIN'T ALL THAT AND A BAG OF POTATO CHIPS. Jeez, I got the ALL CAPS part right, but the insult needs a little work I guess. I'll work harder and will try to stoop to your level next time.

Just a few thoughts here and observations:

  1. Is it just me,or does anybody else notice that a least once or twice every broadcast,Suitor has to mention that he was a former Rider and that he played in the "89" Grey Cup Game ?
    2)Another poster somewhere mentioned about Rod Black doing Womens Golf this weekend,and that we would be blessed by his absence......what happened ? was it rained out ?
    3)Is it just me or does Jocko Climie have a full on hate for the Cats,stemming from us beating him back to back in 98 and 99,thus denying him his Grey Cup ring.
  2. Next season,will the league allow RODBLACK to do the REDBLACK Telecasts ??
    5)Where is old Doug "The Wind Bag" Brown this year ? besides moaning and crying on CJOB,he's nowhere to be found.

There ya have it folks.....5 observations.....feel free to comment or throw your 2 cents worth in !!!!! Agree/Disagree ????

Jock sees no wrong with Montreal and their receivers always make them look good.
Schultz praises the big men (especially in TO).
Milt will give the inferior receivers a nod occasionally.

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