Glen Suitor = terrible

Props to Glen for having played the game, but as a color man he god awful. Cliche a minute... "Now for you youngsters watching out there...." etc. People think Rod Black is bad, Suitor is 10 times worse IMHO.

Uhh, no.

This weekend he was especially bias and unbearable. I guess it depends what teams are playing. Very uneven.

The only announcer/commentator I have an issue with would be Gord Miller and that's probably only because I get flashes of That's Hockey nightmares whenever I hear his over ecstatic voice.

I have no issue w/ the rest.

Well Saskatchewan had the bye this week ...

Perhaps you are confusing him with Jim Hughson? Isn't that his tag line?

TSN crew may have their flaws, but are still way easier to listen to than any NFL snob borefest, they all have the same seriouse my shite don't stink tone :thdn:

No, I'm talking about the dreadful tv show. The only tv segment I couldn't stand more was the talk show where the wrestlers always showed up.

You mean Dick yes Dick Beddoes? the a hole who called the CFL bush?

meanwhile, russ Jackson still excited about the CFL. Kinda reminds me of a calmer Howie meeker.

would He do color C on tsn, that would be great!!

Howie Meeker was one of a kind, they would probably put him on ridelin these days :roll:

Meeker was a hockey scientist with a scientists voice, I used to watch his hockey school program- link

You mean Dick yes Dick Beddoes? the a hole who called the CFL bush?
Off the Record.

You mean Dick yes Dick Beddoes? the a hole who called the CFL bush?
Off the Record.
Its ok, I have a relative with that name, but he's a good fellow :thup:

I think Beddoes never understood the damage his reporting did to the CFL!

One of the things I liked about the World Cup play by play on CBC was the fact that they have only ONE guy doing the play by play. No one next to him constantly yapping about stats are explaining what is going on, a lot of QUIET times, there is no need to fill dead air with constant chatter. Suitor just NEVER STOPS talking, it give me a headache and I have to turn the sound down. Great thing about going to a "live" game, we can form our own opinions on what is going on and we don't have to listen to their incessant chatter. It seems that it's "dumbing down" when with Black and Suitor, they have to explain everything just in case there are new fans out there or young kids. Going to a bar is good too, you can watch the game on TSN but you don't have to listen to these guys.

I watched the second game on Friday night and RB mentioned that the receiver Tasker was the son of the Bills great Steve Tasker, I heard him say that every time the Ticats have played, last year and this.

None of these guys can hold a candle to Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth.

I don't blame any announcers, but it is amazing how they find the most trivial statistics possible, absolutely head spinning.

I agree listening to their uneducated former football players is terrible.

Exactly my problem with him. Dude is terrified of the slighest silence.

And I'm sure they're told to assume that every game has people watching for the first time, so I can understand if they mention the Tasker thing. Once. Don't mention it every time the guy is even close to the ball. Never mind how annoying the repitition is, I find it makes the league look inferior. Almost like we should be in awe that the guy's dad played in the mighty NFL.

Me too. Aside from Rod Black, I'll take any CFL annoucer over any NFL announcer.

I particularly detest Phil Simms. Can't formulate a complete sentence, has that irritating accent and is constantly wrong. And he's on their A team!

I laugh every time I see these threads/posts.

If many had their way, we would have NO announcers left!

Perhaps TSN should try what one of the NFL broadcasters did several years ago - broadcast the game with no announcers - just the usual sounds as if one was at the stadium.