Glen Suitor Please Stop

I'm sorry I can't take it anymore. Some one please tell Glen Suitor to stop saying, "See ya, wouldn't wannna be ya". I am sure that must have been a saying from the late 80's and it wasn't even cool or funny then. Please, please, please some one stop the madness.

It only bother's me when it's another team scoring against the Cats :lol:
I have a better idea.Can we do away with "Our man Carlo!!!!"
I'm sick to death of that stupid commercial.

He certainly likes and overuses that phrase.
Still though, there is no one better in any other sports broadcasting than the team of Cuthbert and Suitor.
Hands down.

actually he says Arman Carlo not Our Man

I've listened to it enough times that you'd think i'd be able to pick it up by now :lol:
Regardless, get rid of the stupid commercial!

I'd love to but I don't believe our chances are any good. Every year Rona trots out a new, lame, ad that gets run over and over again. . . remember last season the guy building the deck in his living room?

Whoever their ad agency is should be fired.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I hated that commercial too.Why can't they make a good commercial for once, like the Bud Light one's or the most interesting man in the world one's.Never get tired of those :smiley:

Is it just me or when the announcer says of Carlos "he installed [bla bla bla] ALL BY HIMSELF" and "Way to go Carlos" doesn't that make you think Carlos is a two or three year old who just used the potty for the first time? Good job buddy! You're a big kid now! :roll: of the best commercials i've seen for a very long time....' Stay thirsty my friend' :thup:

Love when Suitor goes on about something insignificant and then when he gets back to the game he can't figure out why it's 2 and 20 ! Misses a possible game changing penalty ! There has to be somebody better ?????????????? Walby was better, at least he was fired up for the entire broadcast !

"He speaks Russian... in French.
People hang on his every word, even the prepositions.
He could disarm you with his looks, or his hands, either way.

He is the world's most interesting man."

"The World's Most Interesting Man on Wingmen.

It only takes one man to talk to a woman."


The best one is his thoughts on manscaping... "I have no idea what this word means." :thup: Genius.

But I already called up Jason Farr and told him to do that to you.

You beat me to it Blogskee, i was just about to mention that.

Here it is: ... re=related

That's a joke right? Not only does he go off on tangents and not pay attention to the game he also has no clue what is happening 90% of the time. He has no idea what the penalty signals are from the refs and will be telling the viewers that it is one penalty when it is clearly the exact opposite. He also has favourite players that are amazing no matter what they do. I watched a Sask vs Winnipeg game once and he went on and on about how good Roberts was. I think Roberts finished with around 60 yards rushing while the Rider tailback, Cates, was well over 150 yards but Suitor made no mention of Cates.

Walby!!?? Give me a break. He can't even pronouce his own name without screwing it up... he is one the reasons I'm glad that CBC lost broadcast rights to the CFL. Cuthbert and Suitor are the best broadcast the CFL will ever see.

Suitor, Cuthbert and Miller are my top 3 favs. fo sho :slight_smile:

i think dunigan when he does color is a guy announcer. explains it better than suitor. suitor seems to get stuck up on non calls alot, he likes to review them eventho it happened 3 plays ago.

but with that being said

id take cuthbert suitor over black forde anyday.

fav tsn announcers..

  1. cuthbert - best in the biz by far

  2. dunigan - just feel he explains things well and doesnt treat us fans like we are 5 years old

  3. miller - give him some time and he may be a good one

  4. forde - knowledgable and calls the game pretty fair.

  5. suitor - has an obvious sask bias and just goes on and on and on and on about plays from 5 mins ago.

This here is one of my favorite Gord Miller calls.

I guess you don't like him?
Man, I can think of so many worse and extremely annoying announcers and colour guys and most are with the No Fun League.