Glen Suitor on Whether TSN is forcing the CFL to Play on Thursday Nights

It should be an incentive for eastern teams to improve their team and improve their scouting skill and strategize improving their roster. With the way they are for years is unacceptable and they can do better than that.


I heard the podcast where Suitor was talking about Thursday night games. His explanation just went around in circles and made no sense. So my conclusion is that it's TSN trying to market something else on their Sunday schedule and relegating the CFL to Thursdays. There is no other explanation and nothing he said would explain this otherwise.


There has been some very good feedback for TSN and the CFL in this thread as well. Hmmm...I'm wondering when it's not game night if it might be time for another site poll ... :thinking:

The very fact that there is discussion of the subject at all would indicate much as in "Suitor doth protest too much, methinks." :face_with_monocle:

Now we here in our esteemed CFL Forum shall hereby deem what should happen to him and others responsible perhaps again MWAH HA HA HA!
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Talking earlier about how Glenn Suitor has been with TSN for 27 years post playing career.

Then you hear about how they want to connect with a younger audience.


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Hall of Fame 2022 Media Category.

Whatever we think of him that's quite an accomplishment.


The CFL Thursday Night Football flows into NFL Thursday Night Football for TSN .

Might also be a more ESPN influence as well for TV .

I doubt a game where the bums in the seats is less a CFL executive went yep thats great for us .

I think its more a co-operative TSN says we want it and CFL says compensate me and TSN says no problem .

I also think NO Sundays are a partner in TSN being the tail wagging the dog .

I just don't know how they get out of this mess with the Argos intertwined with Bell's ownership thru MLSE .

How do they ever get competition in media and branding opportunities which would add innovation , expansion in platforms and a higher return which should mean by now expenses paid before a seat is sold ; especially with such fixed reasonable expenses that this league has obtained thru the CBA .


A league that only has 18 games in it, should be playing on Friday nights, Saturday from 12PM and on, and the same for Sunday. Lets get people home early and not left to drive around half plastered in the dark. Kids have to be at home to complete chores and complete their home studies. Having games at 8 PM is total ridiculous and only their to serve a certain insterest group! The CFL loves to shoot itself in the foot, just like the horse collar tackle Calgary was called for, even though the Stampeder DB grabed him on the numbers and it was reviewed by a bias eastern officiating crew.