Glen Suitor Longest Running Color Man

Not sure if anyone else cares about this, but I will mention it anyway.

Glen Suitor is the longest running color man in CFL broadcast history.

21 years ( CBC - TSN )

Followed by :

Leif Petterson 19 years ( CTV - TSN )

On the Play by Play :

Don Wittman 35 Years ( CBC )

Followed by :

Chris Cuthbert 23 years ( CBC - TSN )

No point, just saying

Thanks for posting that, Suits is my favourite analyst/colourman by a wide margin, hard to believe it's almost been for 20 years! Don Wittman was my favourite play-by-play man, Cuthbert is very good too. :thup:

And one of its best. Thanks for posting that.

there's a reason why all these guys had longevity as CFL broadcasters.....they were just plain good at what they did.
another little known fact, is that Pretty Boy Pettersen was offered the job as CFL Commissioner but his salary demands were too high.

BTW, wasn't Pat Marsden also a CFL play-by-play/color guy for around 20 years or so?


Pat Marsden was a CTV host sideline reporter from 68 - 73. ( 6 years )

He was then the CTV lead ply by play man from 74 - 86 ( 13 years )

He replaced Johnny Esaw ( 62 - 73 = 12 years )

BTW the great other long time guy was Don Chevrier CBC ( 69 - 80 12 years )

Pat Marsden and Leif Pettersen used to work the booth together if I recall.

Yes, CTV East / National. While Dale Isacc / Frank Rigney worked CTV West.

BTW, how could I forget John Wells ( 87 - 04 TSN = 18 years )

I was gonna say Jon Wells, but he was more of a host guy than a booth guy wasn't he?

No, he was the main TSN play by play guy with Lief Petterson from 87-04 before he was replaced by Cuthbert.

Congrats to Suitor. That's certainly a long time. Same to Cuthbert. The two make an excellent pairing. Let's hope they stick around for a while longer.

Suits and Cuthbert are the best team in TV sport.

Ok but back in the old CTV days wasn't he a pregame/halftime type of host who would hand off to Pat and Leif in the booth just before kickoff? Or am I just not remembering correctly? Or maybe he did that for 1 or 2 seasons before moving into the booth himself? Maybe I'm just plain wrong?

John Wells was pregame host for CBC. He replaced Earnie Afaganis. When John Wells went to TSN he was replaced by Brian Williams.

The CTV game host was Bill Stephenson who was later replaced by Dan Matheson.

John Wells also did play-by-play for CBC in 1982-83 at least. Wells moved to TSN after working the '84 Summer Olympics for CBC. Wells was one of the originals on TSN along with Michael Landsberg, Jim Van Horne and Terri Leibel. Wells started working CFL games again in 1987 when TSN got the rights to a few games.

That’s right. When TSN first started up, they had ‘The CFL Show’ half hour every Wednesday and Wells was host. Then a couple years later they got the broadcast rights to air games. The CFL Show stopped.

Wells did the PbyP for CBC as a fill in when Don Wittman was unavailable. During that time he was mainly game / sideline host.
Remember at this time CBC now only had one crew. Wittman - Lancaster - Cahill - host Wells.

The CBC East / National crew of Don Chevrier - Russ Jackson - game / sideline host Tom Mckee was disbanded after the 1980 season.

Starting in 1981 the fore mentioned CBC West crew became the National crew.

It was called the CFL Report and ran until at least 1991.

if Lancaster hadn't gone into coaching, he would likely have kept doing it for a very long time. best color man ever in the CFL.

far better than Forde or Suitor.

Agree 100 %. Suitor is good but Lancaster was the best. ( even better than Walby ) - LOL

It doesn't take much to be better than Walby... just don't mumble... Walby looks and sounds like the cowardly lion form the Wizard of Oz.... I'm even liking Rod Black better... he hasn't been as annoying as past years... I hear a lot of fans say that Suitor is a Rider homer, but he tries too hard (and fails) not to appear to have that bias...I do agree he is better than any other CFL analyst over the past few years, save for when Dunigan does colour with Gord Miller doing PBP... I wish they did more games, they are the best duo that TSN has for CFL games.