Glen Suiter

TSN needs to fire him, why? Because the guy repeats himself more than a CD that just went through a paper shredder, the guy has the limited vocabulary of a 5 year old child. Like last night, we get it, you hate Cobb, it was Cobb's fault Stella missed his block on Cox and it was Cobb's fault everytime there was no hole to run through. Suiter would attack Cobb but offer no proof of where Cobb should have ran on a play or where the imaginary holes were, even on a play where he thought there was a hole the replay showed Cox waiting right where Suitor wanted him to run to stuff the play.

Fire him for one gaffe and a limited vocabulary? Come now.

I agree with you that he was hammering on Cobb unnecessarily last night. It was a bit unfair, particularly on plays when, as you said, he didn't point out any other options that Cobb had. But I actually think Suitor has raised his game this season. He's making more of an effort to provide specific, detailed analysis. I liked his breakdowns of why Shivers and Parker got beaten on their respective TDs; both displayed a former player's knowledge of defensive schemes.

The replay and commentary on Thigpen doing up his chinstrap during a return was a classic though. Made me wonder if Suitor spotted it himself, or if it was fed to him by the crew.

Don't see how he couldn't have spotted it himself, as Thigpen was the focus on the play (the kick return) and even I was able to see it from my vantage-point on my couch. :lol:

Suiter has never been a big fan of any team from the East. For that matter, he has never been a big fan of any team other than Sask. Hummm?
I have never been a fan of his and it would not bother me to see him replaced so we could get a little unbiased reporting of the game.

The problem that I have with Suitor is that he just never shuts up!!! - he goes on and on and on and on and on.............boring.............but it's actually the same with most sportcasts these days whether its football or hockey. There are two guys in the booth one does the play by play and the other guy analyzes or explains what just happened.
The networks don't want "Dead Air" no quiet times.
After watching the world cup I realized why I like the play by play of soccer - they have one guy doing the play by play no one else explaining whats going on and talking endlessly and incessantly.

Jason Farr needs a job . :roll:

I'm sure Farr has put his application in to THE FAN already.

As for SuitOr...he's fine.

I can't stand Jason Farr's voice! He was lousy when he was on CHML doing the Cats broadcasts. I also don't care for Glen Suitor or anyone else from TSN, except for the panel of Jock Climie, Matt Dunnigan, and Chris Schultz. Those guys have some very good insights into the games and the players. When I watch a Ticat game on TSN, I mute out the sound on my TV and turn up the volume on my stereo to hear the play calling of Rick Zamperin and John Salavantis on CHML. I love the analysis of Salavantis, especially since he really knows what he's talking about (having been a former assistant coach under Al Bruno). This is my favourite way of watching Cats broadcasts on TV.

Jason Farr has never done Cat games on CHML. You may be thinking of Tim Micallef.

Farr is our in-stadium annoy-ncer. Brutal.

I can't stand Zamperin's voice for play by play, but he is a good news reader/reporter. Coach Sal is in a class by himself. Excellent analysis, always.

I'd take a hundred Glen Suitors over one Rod Black. . . .

One gaffe? The guy always has a problem with repitition, watch any labor day game he covers, after every hit he'll say 'that guy hit him that hard because it's labor day', every big play will be because it's labor day lol. And this year he's only mentioned 5000 times that qb's wear headsets now.

It was unprofessional what he did last night and usually he never bashes a player or makes a million excuses for other players.

8) Considering that it was very evident on TV, to most people, I think that Suitor spotted it himself !! :roll:
 I sure did, anyway !!

Actually prefer Duane Forde than Suiter...

I for one actually appreciated Suitor until the last two games. This is after he's now concluded that he should be the one to evaluate contested replays instead of CFL officials. In the last game he went on and on and on about MacIntyre's sack of Cavillo being below the knees. For crying out load, MacIntyre was already on the ground and reached out to tackle the QB anyway he could as Cavillo was running by. Is the league outlawing shoestring tackles on quarterbacks? The rule is clearly there to protect the QB's from getting their heads ripped off or ankles busted from onrushing linemen.
The stink the game before by Suitor on Glenn's fumble actually extended into the TSN news broadcast. Boy did the replay officials ever get roasted by Suitor. But he conveniently forgot to mention to thousands of home viewers that the official had blown the play dead when he saw Glenn's helmet come off (clearly heard if you were at the game). Bad call by the ref because the play shouldn't have ended. But the play was whistled dead before the recovery, which is why the review officials couldn't reverse the call. If the whistle goes the Ticats stop going for the loose ball just as the Bombers should have. But Suitor instead goes yadda yadda yadda yadda Am I better than the CFL replay officials or what?.
Also we now know why the Ticat defense wasn't able to control the Allouettes in the dying minutes of the last game. Gap Blitz. Gap Blitz. Greg Marshall wasn't listening to TSN so he didn't take Suitor's advice!
He is full of himself.

It wasn’t a “shoestring tackle”, MacIntyre had to wedge his shoulder into Calvillo’s leg to bring him down. Watch the replay. Plus, this happened in the pocket, not on a QB rollout or bootleg. It doesn’t matter that MacIntyre was already on the ground. It was a low tackle on the QB in the pocket, and Suitor is right that the officials usually flag it.

I don’t have the 2010 rulebook handy, but from the 2009 rulebook, Rule 7, Section 2, Article 3(g):
“All rushing defenders must attempt to avoid forcibly hitting a passer in the
pocket, at or below the knees, either if their path to the passer was unrestricted, or if
they are coming off a blocker”

Found the 2010 rulebook. That rule hasn't changed.

PDF version of the 2010 rulebook is here:

[url=] ... 10_ENG.pdf[/url]

Thank you, safetyblitz. I was trying to find the 2010 rulebook on to make this exact same point but couldn’t find it – further thanks for posting the link. :slight_smile: When the QB is in the pocket, you cannot hit him below the knees. McIntyre reached out and wedged his shoulder under Calvillo’s knee, resulting in only a ligament strain. But it could have been a whole lot worse for us. That kind of hit has no place in the CFL and I am quite surprised that the zebras didn’t flag Hamilton for roughing the passer.

okay okay you don't like suiter ...

I agree he not John Madden... But Duane Forde can be colour man for everyone

Poor choice of words Tom…