Glen Saskatchewan Suitor

Does anyone else think Glen Suitor is the worst commentator in professional sports?

No one wants to listen to someone who is so biased towards one team. No matter how bad the Riders are playing Suitor just can't see it and constantly makes excuses for them.

He should be more objective.

EE, I think the word you're looking for is objective, and I agree. The sun shines out the Riders' you-know-whats, according to Suitor. Think me being a Rider fan makes me objective enough to agree with this??? :smiley: Don't get me wrong - I still don't mind him TOO much as a commentator, but he could be more objective.

I don’t really want to start this arguement again but Walby is by far the worst commentator of all time.

I could not Disagree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suitor is the best colour commentator we have. He is enthusiastic , knowledgeable and professional. He leaves the others in the dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suitor rules

Here is the chance you have been waiting for::
You are the General Manager and / or Head Coach. Who would you start the rest of the season as your quarterback???
Nealon Greene or Marcus Crandell.
Give your reasons briefly...........

EE you really should pay for attention to WalbyWalbyWalbyWalbyWalby, he is a way worst commentator than Glen Suitor! Anytime Walby comments on how Winnipeg plays, they(bombers) never do nothin wrong even if they just fumbled the ball. :roll:

I don’t mind Suitor. Walby is the worst! I’m sure they have to hold up Q-cards for Walby…Uh maybe not…Walby can’t read…

Glen Suitor to me is fine. He is highly knowledgeable on the CFL and not just the west teams. I find that the eastern based guys, even Darren Flutie who I like and respect for his knowledge of the game, knows more about the teams in the east as they don't see the west guys enough.

Suitor comes on Mojo730 AM in Vancouver all the time and he is insightful, interesting and very articulate on the teams including BC Lions. I am not a huge Walby fan but I do respect the former players turned broadcaster and their views on the game.

CBC should hire Ronny back he was one of the best at it at one time.

Good idea Shadow! I liked Ronnie as a colour guy.

WAIT That idea makes too much sense for CBC. It will never happen.

Actually I dont mind either one of them

I love how Glen picks the Gladiators, yet ironically enough, when he played he would have NEVER won that award in a thousand years even with some free shots on players.

Generally, I don't mind Suitor, but I was pretty annoyed at his so-called opinion on a clear pass interference penalty that went uncalled against SSK (don't remember the name of the SSK CB, but it was OTT's Markus Howell that was interfered with - happened near the end of the 3rd quarter or early 4th, I think).

Anyway, Suitor went on and on about how happy he was that no call was made and that the league wanted it that way - allowing more contact. That was total BS. The CB had his hands all over Howell and looked like he pushed him as the ball approached. Not the most blatant miss I've seen, but close enough to at least question the referee's decision. Instead, Suitor couldn't have been happier that it went uncalled.

I also wasn't too impressed with how much camera time was spent watching the SSK sideline. After every play it was Greene, Barrett, Greene, Barrett, Holmes, some fat coach, Crandell, Barrett, Greene. How about a little equal face time?

Not that I'm too upset about either of these things. I'll put up with all of it as long as the Gades keep winning.

Suitor is is , LEIF PATTERSON..........that should be shot.

Not a big fan of Leif either. LOVES his BC Lions!

…gades…I think the tv time spent on sask’s sideline was entirely due to that fat guy…I mean, he was HUGE…seeing him was sometimes better than what was happening on the field…how does that guy fly?..

…but seriously, there was some pretty good drama going on between Greene and Barrett and the rest of the team after the halftime break, drama sells dude, drama queens sell even better…why do you think they have 38 cameras at any time on terrell owens…

you mean the Nealon Greene Pouty face.........what a retard that guy is.....he's the luckiest man in the league to have been able to have a job this long.

I don't think Leif ever played with the Lions......When did he become "Our" fan?

I don't know if anyone know about the honour flags at taylor field on the one end of the stadium. Basically there are only 3 up there...1) Ron Lancaster 2) George Reed 3) Dave Ridgeway....

Anyhow I was watching one game on TSN where the camera was showing the flags flapping in the wind. Suitor actually piped up and said he can't believe that his flag wasn't up there. "I was the one that held on all those Ridgeway field goals, where's my flag??"

Whether he was serious or not, I nearly spit my Pilsner all over the TV screen. Sure Glen, why don't we just put up a flag for the TEE as well??

You gotta love TO...he's a beast. They should be kissing his ass for coming back so quickly from a bloody broken leg.