Glatt and Jimenez released by leos

…Any interest in these guys…I though Glatts play really fell off in 09…Jimenez ??? average talent…You have to always wonder when Wally makes moves like this…It’s usually for a very good reason??? :roll: :lol: Could they be T.O. bound??? :roll:

Glatt has never impressed me at all. . .

[quote="papazoola"]..You have to always wonder when Wally makes moves like this....It's usually for a very good reason?????? quote]

I know enough never to be shocked when it comes to Wally....... However..Jimenez..that DID surprise me.

Jimenez took dumb holding penalties at poor times. They were usually so obvious, a blind man eating an ice cream cone could have thrown a flag for it.

I thought Glatt was good in a "back up" roll. He was never an "Armour" but he always gave it his best. He'll be a good back up some where.

I could see Glatt in Hamilton.He's an upgrade over anything we've got at the moment.Anywhere else, I can't see him starting.I also see the Bomber's taking Byron Parker.Those are just two of my FA predictions :smiley:

Hamilton's LBs last season were Jamal Johnson, Otis Floyd, and Markeith Knowlton. . . you seriously think Glatt is an upgrade over any one of them???????

I thought Glatt was a DB :open_mouth: nevermind then lol

....we ain't just going to take him???????someone is going to come-up with the right cash.....could be a few teams interested in Parker....I can see us in the running though....He said at one point he'd like to return to T.O....i wonder if that still holds true, considering the state of affairs in argoland... :roll: :roll:

Were I to be a player, the Argos are probably the last team I'd be interested in joining.