Glasper is a keeper

Wow! the more I see of this kid the more I like him.
On the first play of the game against BC he nailed the kick returner bigtime. I don't think the returner knew what hit was so quick. Glasper was down for a bit after the play, maybe he knocked the wind out of himself. Don't be surprised if you see him playing more defensive half. I'll tell you, he'd make one hell of a safety.
A real find by the scouting staff...for sure.

100% agreed. He looks rather comfortable back there I must say. He will for sure make a few highlight reel tackles this year.

I wasn't following him closely last game, but in the Montreal game, when he was playing OLB, he made a petty glaring coverage mistake on the one TD.

They were in a zone defense when he came up to help the run he was caught in no man's land. If he covers the receiver Cavillo gets the first down. He can't be blamed on that.

I'd like to see him and Cody at the HB spot. A couple big hitter make SB around the league think twice about coming across the middle

The Ticats have some good looking rookies this year IMO. Glapser looks like he could be around for a while.
I really like Zeke Moreno, Talman Gardner, Cedric Gange-Marcoux, Peter Dyakowski, Jermaine Reid, Timmy Chang and the kicker Nick Setta as well.
So along with Jesse Lumsden, Cory Holmes, JoJo Amour, Renard Cox, Anthony Collier, Tay Cody and Nautyn Mckay they have the nucleus of a good team. Things are finally looking up in Hamilton.

Hey in4td,

That would be a nasty pair of db's.......Cody and Glasper.
Something that we have been lacking for a few years is a real physical secondary. Right on.....The receivers would have to start looking around for the big hitters and not just the ball. :cowboy:

Don't you mean JoJuan Armour, DB? Or perhaps you meant Jo Jo Walker?

Glasper is a keeper! His hit on the opening kickoff was great considering he was blocked in the back by a BC player. No call, of course. He and McKay Loesher have been fun to watch. When Loesher wasn't sacking the quarterback, he was being held or tackled by Murphy (the BC left tackle). No call, of course.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I also think Glasper would make a fine safety.

All American/Import secondary - who agrees?

I'd rather keep KariKari at safety, take out delgardo, keep glasper at LB (so we don't have to play cox, who I'm not sold on) and insert one of our corners into the DB position (I'm wondering if Bradley is up to the challenge).

My 2 cents.


I for one, would love to see Glasper at safety....import or not. We have a lot of Canadian players who can start at other positions.
Don't the Argos use a import at free safety?