Glasper Cut?

It appears as if he has been cut.

No mention of him on the roster, either active or inactive.

i hope so. the guy was horrible at safety

8) You are right, it certinly appears that he has been released !!!
  He is not listed at all on the active, practice or injury list  !!!

If you start an import at safety, he should either be great in coverage or routinely lay people out, or both.

Glasper did neither, really. Robinson, however, is a much better cover guy. And with the emergence of Tisdale at halfback, the Ticats had to keep Robinson on the field somewhere.

ROSTER 25-Sep-08

HAM ADD IMP Dominic LEWIS (DL) Kentucky
HAM DEL IMP Ryan GLASPER (DB) Boston College

He could be Moved to practice Roster
You have to Release a players 1st ..
to move them over

Maybe he was released. I don't care. I was surprised he was back this year. I wasn't a fan of his last year. He was routinely beat in coverage whether playing DB or LB. I'm not sure about Robinson as a safety yet. I thought Robinson was a good DB but i don't see him much as a safety. One thing is for sure, nobody has filled Hitch's shoes yet. I think they should keep looking.

Glasper started 6 games last year before going down for the season. I'm not sure where you could really derive anything from him there.

Here's a shock, this does NOT make me happy. I think Ryan did a great job considering he bounced around at several positions and our secondary was a big mess. He also showed outstanding leadership and I'm really NOT happy to see him go. I hope he finds great success with another team just like almost everyone else we've seen fit to either deal away or cut.

He did not bounce around positions this year. Last year he played some linebacker, which he did well at, and also some corner.

This year, he played safety. He really wasn't that great and I didn't see any leadership personally.

I think at this point, he's been on a team that has won 5 games in the last 2 years. We have already fired the coach and we have seen that we are still in ball games and not winning.

Now is the time to establish our main core of players and fill in the rest of the holes with free agents in the offseason.

My core players right now:

There are probably a few others but you need to fill the gaps around these people. First thing I would do is get rid of NML.

I know a lot of people who like Glasper, just don't really know why. He hasn't showed must at safety this year. He really likes to blitz. This is why we need to move him back to linebacker.

Yeah i know it was last year. I was speaking in general since he's been here since others mentioned last year as well.

As for the leadership, I was at rookie camp and training camp and I DID see that leadership first hand and that's something we've been lacking.

The problem with this team is that there is no continuity and nobody for the fans to identify with. Just when the fans find someone they can really cheer for he either gets cut or traded. It's questionable whether either of the big name PR tickets (Lumsden and Printers) will be here next year.

As for your building blocks, I can agree with quite a few of them, but I don't think we'll be keeping KK, Caulley and Smith (3 imports) and I wouldn't hold my breath about Williams sticking around here if he gets demoted again. Robinson has looked good at times, but I'm still not sold on him at safety.

I agree with you BG, we have no continuity.

We need to take a majority of our starters this year into next season but I don't think this will happen. We are going to retool our o and d line cuz they both suck!

I just like every other person in Tigertown just wants to win. I don't care about the roster anymore. Whoever can help us win, I want them here. If JL and CP only play 10 games a year cuz they are hurt, get rid of them. If KK can only play 3-4 more years, fine, as long as he can help us win now.

My concern with KK is that he is 28. Typical shelf life for a RB is 30 years old. You can see the drop off from Charles Roberts this year. If the cats are going to gradually get better over the next 2-3 years, we may only have KK for 1 solid season before we have to look elsewhere or use Caulley.

You hit the nail on the head and that's part of the reason why I didn't exactly support the signing of KK. I'm tired of blanket solutions and bringing in big names to sell tickets. I hope he can help us win and now that he's here I'll cheer just as loud as I do for any other Ticat, but if it comes at the cost of Caulley or Smith that is a HUGE mistake. I think Caulley is a great RB and he can start in the CFL and both he and Tre are only 24 years old.

I really just feel like this whole losing skid has been in vain. IF I thought we were using this year to develop our young team to get better for next year, I might not feel as tired and bitter as I do now, but it doesn't feel that way at all. We've got some good young talent on this team and with some solid additions we could be good quick, but we're not working hard enough to deveop those guys.

8) How in the heck can you list Kashama as a main core player, when he has only played 1 game with us so far ???
  Remember last years big find DE Charlton Keith  !!  He was going to be the second coming of Joe Montford in the opinion of many on here  !!  He was just another 2 game wonder  !!

 Look at the great year NML had last year also, and now you want to get rid of him 1st thing  !!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

He did not have a great year last year! You and everyone else says it cuz of his sack total. How in the world can you say NML had a great year last year? You say oh, he had 9 sacks but honeslty, he had no pressure on the qb like he does this year. I have never like NML on this team. He didn't play well at all last year. He has 2 moves, a spin to the outside or a spin to the inside and then he falls down. He provides nothing on the run and pass rushing skills are terrible. It's easy to see why BC let this back up go.

I never said Charlton Keith was good. I thought that he played maybe 1.5 good games for us. Kashama seems like the real deal. We have seen what he has done. I'm just trying to put out the positives.

Ryan Glasper was active on the field at the last practice

it might be a reluctance to go on the practice roster
or slow book-keeping that is keepimg him off the roster.

i don't see how some people can say they liked Glasper at safety....he did NOTHING....i saw him make one good play all season and that was a good hit when we were at home against Edmonton....with glasper at safety we were constantly getting beat deep.....i never saw him making passing deflections...getting interceptions...or even making tackles for that matter...he did nothing.

im not really sold on Robinson at saftey either but i guess its something we'll have to live with until next season when Dylan Barker is healthy

Maybe they're in the process of Cavka-ing him.

It goes like this: "We're cutting you, but don't leave town and don't answer your phone unless it's a call from us".


Whooeeee. Way too generous!! My core guys would be Caulley, Smith, Setta and Bauman (and Bauman only because he's shown enough to warrant a further look). Keith could make my list but I want to seem him play first. As long as Lumsden with the team, he'd be a core guy too. The rest are just guys. Some are better than others but they're just guys--shuffle one in, shuffle one out--really makes no huge difference.

An Argo-Cat fan

But shuffling in and out is what we have been doing the last 3 years. We need guys who can play. I think the guys I listed can play. Let's start with those guys. Do you really want another 30 guys in here without experience. You have to start somewhere.

For your points, Lumsden will not be with the team next year and Setta is a huge question mark at this point without a contract extension.