Glasper back to linebacker

I'm thinking that Glasper should be playing back at the SAM-linebacker position. He's a hard-nosed, sure tackler, who can cover. Renard Cox missed a couple tackles he should have made. He also doesn't possess the speed to cover the backs or slots.

Just a thought :cowboy:

Yeah, I totally agree, enter him in the outside linebacker rotation with Renard Cox. There is no way I want to take Zeke or JoJuan off the field though!

Is that where Renard plays, strong side? Strong side or weak side? Or do they even use the SAM, WILL, MAC terms in the CFL since there isn’t usually a tight end?

I am sure one of you knows the answer, oh infinite wisdom of the forum …

  • paul

i agree

there were times last night when he was covering stegall :?

u cant have a linebacker covering milt stegall

Glasper was beat a couple times last night. Cox has more experience and i'm sure thats why he starts at SAM. Delgardo looks just as good as Glasper at DB and it seems he also has better speed.

Right now I think Glasper needs to pick up his game a bit more. Not trying to take away from the plays he has done well on though.

I agree ... try Glasper at LB again ... Cox looks out of place way too often.

Delgardo looks as good as Glasper? :roll:
Not only has Glasper played well at SAM linebacker, he is also our best special teams player.
If you noticed, there has been a lot of confusion in the secondary because of constant changes.
Being just twenty-two years old, this kid has been a real find for the Cats.
A hard hitting, quick player, who has a real nose for the ball.

At DB yes.. since Delgardo does not play LB. Glasper has been caught chasing receivers after the catch where as Delgardo seems to tackle them right away. Plus Delgardo showed great skills in BC on that big pass knockdown he had.

My point.. Glasper looks better at LB than DB. Also, Delgardo shows better speed and closing ability.