glaring mistakes

guys while watching our labour day debacle yesterday i found myself completely baffled by how poor our team is coached. we have tried to blame every position every player but no matter who we have in there it is the same result. one glaring coaching mistake was the o-line. although the argo defence is "tricky" there is a basic concept the oline use and were not getting it. the argo's can jump around all they want but the centre is supposed to designate what defence it is and which 5 guys are the olinemans responsiblity. this indicates to the qb that if the 6th guy comes he will be unblocked if there is no rb in the backfield and he will have to throw hot. the argos brought 5 guys with two guys coming free a few times yesterday.....that is football 101. there was no slides no bumps no communication on the oline. it was embarrassing to watch. with 5 guys coming with us having 5 to block and 2 coming untouched is unacceptable. there were many coaching mistakes throughout the game but this one really showed me how badly we were prepared. this by no means is an excuse for chang. chang was bad. its time that the fingers start getting pointed at the coaches. sorry but those are just the facts.