Glanville not coming back

Edmonton just announced that Benevedes won’t be re-hired due to $. He is experienced, but not sure how effective. Edmonton’s D wasn’t lights out last year.

Maybe Cory Chamblin? (if he’s not hired as Argos HC).

I’d like to see a more aggressive D. More sacks/QB pressures, especially.

Elvis has left the building, not to return. :’(

My guess is Coach O will take the reins of the D.

Orlondo for sure to be DC - - - unless the organization can come to terms with recently departed Edmonton DC, Michael Benevides!!!

Winnipeg might also be in the hunt for a DC - if Rich Hall retires or is kicked off the premises. . . . . don’t know if Walters/O’Shea mafia would accept as rabid & up-tempo a guy as Benny - - - - vs. the laconic and non-threatening Richie Hall?

Cory Chamblin would be ABSOLUTELY perfect. I do feel he will get hired as HC in Toronto though.

I’m sure that’s what h said in his presser. That he’d take the DC role if Glanville didn’t return. I think Glanville bowed out to save a position coach s job. I think with the new rules we were 1 over the limit.

Chamblin was an absolute disaster in his one season as DC in the Hammer. It always puzzled me he had success after - including winning the GC over us.

Well I predicted this one after Orlondo’s press conference as he stated he’d love to be the DC as well as head coach.
Also our defence stunk in Ottawa being masterfully outcoached and out prepared. We had no pass rush and had linebackers guarding backs and receivers and played way too much zone and Ottawa receivers were wide open all day and QB Harris looked like Tom Brady picking apart the defence with easy with close to a 100 % completion rate 29 of 32 and 6 tds and 370 yards in passing which could have been 500 if Masoli hadn’t given them such great field position on 3 interceptions

Tiger-Cats DC has been one of the most prolific springboards to a head coaching position in recent years, especially given the lack of championships in these parts.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t all these people hold the DC role with us? Greg Marshall (the 2nd), Kavis Reed, Corey Chamblin, and of course Orlondo.

Benny and Hall are no more inspired choices than Glanville. Let Stein run the defense or promote an assistant to run his system.

Cats needed to cut one coach. Just did.

Thats what I remember hearing in the presser as well. Coach O said his grand plans were to take over as HC/DC but realized he wanted Glanville back after working with him.

I have further suggestions…

Maybe promote Butler to DC with OS pulling the strings

Great news!

Glanville and his defense got pantsed at the most crucial point of the year.

But his coaching obit the media will say he was a “cap casualty” in the “new reality” of league economics or some such.

In reality, like Jones, he did little to earn another go-round. NFL coordinators get fired for less.

Dennis McPhee could be ready to take on a bigger role, Like D Line Coach / Asst DC to Orlondo

One day at a time…

This is what I was afraid as the dominos are starting to fall thanks to the ill conceived FO cap.

Well that didn’t take long.

This had nothing to do with the cap.