Gladiator of the Game - Lions vs Eskies


He's the man!

I see Rob Murphy winning Gladiator of the Year this year, just like Brent Johnson did last year.

Actually if you look at it , Murphy jumped on Braidwood after he got knocked down. A move like is uncalled for, its one of the reasons why he got thrown out. If you had a lineman like Murphy jump on you, wouldn't you be a tad upset at that as well? Time for some objectivity here.

Well Sambo you are half right. But what about the eye gouging that is ok. I think you would not agree. The fact is it takes two guys to fight both are big men going after each other through out the game. Not a big deal. I think the eye gouging is not acceptable that is for little girl fights is it not.

Both are at fault, for sure. It was Murphy who ended up with the DQ. Murphy did battle hard throughout the game, but he crossed the line. It happens.

Murphy jumped on him after he got his eyes gouged and after Braidwood went after his throat. This is only one clip of the game, doesn't show what happened before.

And by the way, Braidwood got dominated.

I believe it was total frustration by both players that took it to this level. But I would have to say Murphy did a job on Brainwood.

Murphy had a great game but it is my view that getting ejected should result in not being eligible for honours, including warrior of the game. It does not become either the league or its broadcaster to glorify foul play and Murphy did cross that line.

What about Braidwood? His eye gouging is nothing I suppose. CFLfan I am not saying what Murphy did was rgith but neither were Braidwoods. The only difference is Murphy got caught.

And he was successful. Murphy was a big reason we won by 20 points. Braidwood was nowhere to be seen.

I'm not excusing Braidwood or anyone else, Murphy was named the warrior of the game by TSN, Braidwood wasn't and if you read my post you will notice that I said that Murphy's play should not be singled out for an award when he was ejected for dirty play.

How many threads do we need on this guy?

He's a goon!

'Nuff said!

We have enough threads on Kerry Joseph who has won nothing in his CFL career. May as well have the 2006 Top Lineman and 2006 Grey Cup winner.

I haven't actually been able to find a thread about KJ, at least not an active one, but maybe I'll look harder tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I did find this, by you, on a thread purportedly about QBs:


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Nobody beats Rob Murphy, and I mean nobody. If Perry were smart he would close his mouth this week. We all know what happened to Abdullah.

That is freakin' funny!!

I bet you get a lot of girls.

They won!
You watched!

What are you?
His agent?

…CANDIDATE…Lamest Comeback of the Year…

As long as we are going to flog this Murphy thing somemore...though I am not sure the horse is breathing anymore:

Talking the talk Mike Beamish, CanWest News Service Published: Thursday, July 12, 2007

VANCOUVER -- As the raccoon eyes and fingernail claw marks proclaim, B.C. Lions left tackle Rob Murphy is a leading candidate among opposing players as the CFL's most aggravating individual. He is also a leading candidate to be named the league's outstanding lineman for the second straight year.

CanWest: The Eskimos' Rahim Abdullah called you and Jason Jimenez "the dirtiest players in the CFL." You got ejected for fighting last game, and Adam Braidwood's dad called you a "disgrace to the CFL." Your former teammate at Ohio State, tackle Tyson Walker, thought you were going to get killed because you opened your mouth so much. Walker's quote: "Some of the things he (Murphy) says are definitely not politically correct. I can't do that at all. I'd like to, but I can't." Stirring the pot is nothing new for you, is it?

Murphy: When I think back on it, I guess I haven't changed. I started as a freshman at Ohio State (left guard) and, I guess, I was pretty fresh. I've always been verbal on the field. After a couple of years, I started getting in everyone's craw. It really frustrates them. I don't talk just to talk.

CanWest: John Thornton (an All Big East nose guard from West Virginia, now with the Cincinnati Bengals) traded barbs with you, weeks before you played them in 1998. Then you talked him down, and dominated him. Even your high school teammates at Moeller, in Cincinnati, say you couldn't contain yourself from talking trash. Do you consider yourself a defensive back in a big man's body?

Murphy: I think, by nature, offensive linemen have a herd mentality. They stick together. I love hanging out with them, but I love hanging out with everybody. I make fun of our DB's, too. I like to bring everybody down (laughs).

CanWest: Your younger brother, Mac Murphy, is a comedic actor in Chicago. Though you know how to work a (locker) room yourself, what's tougher? Comedy or football?

Murphy: I would think comedy is tougher. I would certainly feel uncomfortable, out on a stage alone, trying to be funny.

CanWest: It figures. As a defenceman, you finished your high school hockey career in Ohio as the state's all-time career penalty minutes leader. You were a goon, but were you any good?

Murphy: I was the biggest guy on the team. I was probably the biggest guy (playing hockey) in the state. Basically, I was a football player on skates. But I was a decent skater, I scored a couple of goals here and there, and I had a pretty good slapshot.

CanWest: Did you ever think of a career in college hockey?

Murphy: I got recruited by some small, Division III schools, but nothing serious. I pretty much could have gone anywhere in football, on full scholarship. But I liked hockey better than I liked football. I started playing when I was five years old. Now Cincinnati is a big market for youth hockey, it's really taken off.

CanWest: As a hockey player, you probably had somebody you looked up to for inspiration. Tiger Williams, Marty McSorley, Bob Probert perhaps?

Murphy: Actually, it was Paul Coffey. He was so smooth, an effortless skater.

Vancouver Sun