Glad to see Ottawa in the CFL

It's great to see Ottawa back in the CFL with the big R on their helmets. I'm trying my hardest to get used to the name "Redblacks". Ottawa Razorbacks perhaps?

Oh well, that topic has been dealt with. When I win the next $50M LottoMax I'll buy the team and rename it. :rockin:

1-8 is a dismal start for the RedBlacks but when the B.C. Lions played in their inaugural year [1954] they finished the season 1-15! Ouch. 60 years later they have six Grey Cups to look back at! :rockin:

Ottawa will get the kinks out and find the right combination of talent to get things going. I watched the Montreal/Ottawa game last night. Yep, there were some real "gag me with a spoon" plays happening but all of the players played with pride and tenacity. Imagine if they were to win their next 9 games. They'd finish the season with 20 points. Not bad. Dream big Ottawa fans. Dream big! Just go back and look at what happened to the Lions in 2011.

Nice post!
As a long time Ottawa Rough Rider Fan and Southsider, I'm pretty sure I can speak for most of the old Rider Fans that we are certainly glad to have the Jeff Hunt and boys ownership in place now and not a group of numbnuts like the Gliebermans. :thdn:

Ottawa has ALWYAS had great fan support and with 4 sellouts already, it can only get better as the TEAM develops. Especially when we know the owners will not be bailing anytime soon. They are the real deal and will around for a long time. :thup:

As for football, no one really thought Ottawa would go 18-0, 15-3 or oven 10-8 this year did they?
If they can find some receivers who can actually catch a ball thrown in the numbers and find a way to stop taking stupid penalties, we will get better over the long haul. :wink:

Any chance of a sellout tonight?

5th straight sell-out tonight. Was there through the rain and lightning.

too bad they didn’t call the stoppage of play in the game ONE play earlier :frowning:

I like the name, not a Ottawa fan , but the name is theirs and nobody else in the world has it. And it will sound even better ,when they start to win.

We’ll see. :thup:

Was struck me today was that it seemed that almost everybody was wearing team merchandise, in great quantities and varieties. For a club that only released its logo and uniforms in recent months, they've done a great job of getting it out there. I don't recall that sort of thing with the Renegades.

Couldn’t agree more. Of course I couldn’t, I used those exact words on July 18th, with an add-on.

Great minds, right? :cowboy:

I live in Ottawa and seldom see folks wearing Ottawa CFL team merchandise. At the moment however there are oodles and oodles of people wearing Senators merchandise.

I still see it from time to time, but when I first wrote that, I had just come back from the first home game of the season. It seemed like everyone in the stadium wore something, which was not the case during the Renegades years.

No offence but seriously …You post that on the day the Senators start a playoff run nobody thought they would be close to at the start of the season? :roll: It’s like winning the lottery but complaining it was only 10 mil.

As an outsider looking in last season (when football was actually being played not with two months left in the off season) i was blown away by the number of stores available to buy Red Black gear and bars promoting games etc, Here in Toronto the Argo’s would kill for that. You guys did and am sure will again come June do an amazing job of keeping the team front and centre in fans minds.

No offence but seriously

… what did I say that you took such offence to?

I made an honest observation, sorry but I do live here and notice very little Rouge et Noir gear, and then decided to be a bit silly instead of just saying “lots of” as it is an obvious comment that there was lots of Sens gear around on the first day of what you point out is an unexpected and near miraculous playoff appearance.

Serenity now, SERENITY NOW

I have no issue, just was surprised by the statement; it was in a post dated April 15, 2015 and I took it literally.

No prob, it took me a couple of minutes to even clue in that it was an earlier post of mine being copied (only the reference to “today” caused me to raise an eyebrow). I suspect it’s a failed spam attempt.


I have no issue, just was surprised by the statement; it was in a post dated April 15, 2015 and I took it literally.
And I the same... Well except maybe for the large font in the reply, that did seem a wee excessive :wink:

That makes total sense.
Seemed odd for you to have posted.

Reported earlier. So don't anyone click those links that just happen to appear at the bottom of her post. :roll:

And no, I didn't click them myself. :wink:

:wink: Smart.....Oh and just for the record as according to this thread, count me in as one who is also "Glad to see Ottawa in the CFL" ......Once again.....hopefully this time for good :thup: Good Luck this year by the way,don't let the score of that game the other night discourage you. Once you get all the regulars playing,instead of all the newbies I think you guys will be alright. Was really impressed with those too little guys you have by the way.....#34-Torrence Hunt and #15-Jamill Smith also I could watch your punter boot all day long,beautiful spirals,hang time and very consistent in length :thup:

Thank you good sir!

I'm "over" that game. As you watch it, you can't help but groan a bit, but what the hell. Most of the acquisitions on offense didn't make the trip as well as several defensive linemen. Some of the guys that DID make the trip disappointed though but hopefully I don't have to deal with them much longer. :wink:

At this point, I still don't see cause for concern in terms of the health of the franchise. They're not making any rash decision or pissing off fans and over time they'll win over those who were convinced that they would be dead in 2 or 3 seasons. Still seems all good but boy oh boy, a solid season would REALLY help. :oops: