Glad To See Him Step It Up!

Ok guys heres my story. Since Glenn became QB #1 for the blue and gold we have wined, and Btchd. But Welcome the 07 season. The blue and gold looking stronger then ever talent wise, and Glenn finally starting to play. with a powerful O-line and the best group of recievers the CFl has ever seen, oor so called no good QB is on a roll. Leads the league in total passing yards, and is showing alot of composure and confidence. like tonight with a 21/24 throwing for 258 against the als.

I know i judged him and i know i have tried to defend to a point. and now i am just happy to say. Go Glenn Go. Wicked job so far.

At a boy...way to go, I agree the guy does have an arm and is playing top notch football...Go Bombers.

Receivers, Oline, System. For the first time in his career he has been put in a position to be successful.

...i have knocked him in the past as well....and although the season is still young...he's showing he has the right stuff...Difference this year is he's not running for his life on every second play....o line is playing great...and one of the stars on that line (Obby) hasn't played a game looks great for Kevin stats wise....and if he keeps it going he's definitely going to be recognized as a qb. in the 'elite' group....hear that tsn.......... :thup: :rockin: