Glad to see Gauthier re-signed

In the short time he was with the team near the end of last season, I was impressed by his attitude, speed and hussle and thought he was a fantastic addition to the special teams.

Great Canadian signing as you can never have enough quality Canadian players IMO.

He is great to talk to and Works hard on the Field.
Great move Resigning him

Good thread.

Gauthier rules, he's a big part of any Ticat future. He caught my eye already in those early games against Hamilton, when him and Etienne Boulay and Chip Cox decimated our special teams.

He`s a very good player and i hope he gets a shot at safety !!!!

Liked what I seen of him last year.

Agree 100%

Gauthier had enthusiasm in 2006. He gave it his all. I look forward to seeing him fly down the field on kicks in 2007.

In 2006, maybe the Ticats should draft some players from Laval, Gauthier's alma mater? We haven't really looked at Quebec college players in the past, but there are lots of good young ones like Gauthier out there who could really help our team.

I'd like to see him challenge for starting safety. He's got speed and hits like a truck. His pass coverage skills are the only thing we really didn't get a chance to see.

Good point and bare in mind this year will be different now that we have a GM that knows exactly what needs to be done (no diss on Katz). And I'm sure over the next few years we may be drafting more Quebec players since Marcel did spend quite some time there. Its also nice to see everyone agreeing on a player signing :slight_smile: