Glad to see Bob's inspiring words before the game paid off

Maybe next time you can bake them some cookies

Just as long as they aren't Mr. Christies LMAO

Is it a full moon out tonight.. wtf is with all these new posters and their bashing of our Caretaker and our City???

Ha Ha ha.

TWo very funny posts above me.

Sorry i had to kill your momentum.

A B/S friend
Bob Young is the best thing this team has seen...since the days of H. Ballard..period.
Dam lucky to have him.

Agree with SJRiley, tho' I've never had much to say that was favourable about Ballard.

Bob Young is a breath of fresh air that all of Hamilton will appreciate, literally or figuratively.

As for the team, it can't get much worse than this, so you have to expect things to get better...somehow...

Bob is a broken record. We have heard the same lame crap for 3 years. No offense Bob but the goodie Caretaker thing is old. Spend some money and sign some real players.

and how would u like him to sign some real players? with what money? its simply not that easy and even if we could there is not many guys out there that are gonna be a whole lot better than what we got...except for shaw...anyone could be better than him

who specifically would you sign? i think management over the last 3 years has brought in some free agents and on paper we got pretty good canadian depth. i think a lot of it is on desjardins shoulders and his signings.

thats what happens when you look in the mirror while posting.

Bob is a broken record. We have heard the same lame crap for 3 years. No offense Bob but the goodie Caretaker thing is old.
How some folks forget...before Bob came to town we had a team that WOULD have..gone the way of Ottawa....that is simple fact. What Young has brought to this team..we have NOT had since Ballard. I remember old Harold giving away TV's and Stereo's at half-time. To try to get more people to the games...I also remember feeling like I was the only the game. Because most games had less than 9, them. Ballard did not bail..on the team..the fan's..or the city. He lost millions..and kept the team playing. In 89 he did..get the Cup. Bob dought would also have deep pockets..if necessary... thankfully we have not had to go there under his ownership...and hopefully never will again. Unfortunitly..some people will never realize how close you can come to losing something...until it is gone...and to dam late. Clueless

We would have been better off going out like Ottawa than becoming the friggin' laughing stock of the league! Don't give me this Bob is the best thing crap.....think about it!!! We've been filling his stands for four years every single game....and for whaT??????

Ivor Wynne used to be a tough place to it's just a joke. Big deal...throw a few more hotdogs...throw in the mac scoreboard...and a few stupid games and we're supposed to forget about the fact we are GARBAGE????


this franchise needs a franchise QB
New 20,000 seat stadium
get rid of the yellow pants
weekly recap show on chch11.

We all screamed...blow it up...rebuild it...get rid of most of the players...on and on and...on.
WELL WAKE-UP....we got our wish.
So if you are looking for an instant are only playing mind games ..with yourself.

i don't think any of that is the reason why we stink.
id rather blame it on the hiring of an inexperienced head coach,getting rid of your core players troy and montford etc.
this organization has been weak since we lost sudsy and i've seen the problems beginning long before bob came along. you need a strong knowledgeable management and a direction.

Honestly what year are you living in??? Montford?? Troy Davis???? Dude....can you say ooooooooold? Football players are on average....around 25 years old. Those guys are ancient!!! I bet you are still upset about Morreale and Hitchcock too!!! LoL

And as far as inexperienced head coach some homework....Charlie Taafe won a grey cup with montreal and was coach of the year. Face it...our players are garbage. Enjoy the rest of the season.

NO....they are called ROOKIE'S

Go check the roster and tell me how many 'rookies' you see. How long is a rookie considered a rookie in your world? Three years? Four yearS?

dude.. 1st taafe did not win a cup.
how'd davis do 2 years ago? oh a grey cup ring?
i said these current problems stem from a few years ago when the nucleus started to fade the inexperiencd coach i was talking about was marshall. what year is that?

This is absolutely pathetic, I have been a fan for about 31 years, most of them as a season ticket holder. I am thrilled that we have a improved game experience but at the same time I would like to see quality football. I am a football fan first! Since I no longer have a reason to be optimistic about the football, why go to the game? It has been over 5 seasons now where we have seen the same poor play and same mistakes...lack of discipline, penalties, play calling, quaterback, secondary....ect. If the problems on the field cant be addressed, why should I continue to spend my hard earned money to watch a new scoreboard and revamped game experience when my only reason to come to the stadium has always been to watch quality football?