Glad league is back, but

I am happy the league is back, but I have real concerns for the future. Scoring is down, some games not great, and attendance is down due to a combo of Covid restrictions, fewer games and some teams having poor seasons. Seeing the small crowds in Toronto is one thing, seeing a small crowd in Edmonton is not good. Does the league get enough from TSN to pay the bills until things get back to normal? What needs to be done to bring new fans in? Or are teams just going to have to budget accordingly for 15K in the seats per game? Don't want to sound like the sky is falling but I want to see the league thrive.


The crowds in Edmonton are spaced out because of social distancing. Alberta has seen a rise of Covid-19 cases. so attendance capacity has been limited.

TSN only pays teams salary budget for player's contracts and nothing more.

Everybody is chasing the breakeven point unless you are in the production of masks, hand sanitizer, ZOOM tech or other pandemic related materials.

Stream all CFL games on DAZN, TSNDirect because all the youngins have cell phones


I think of the 4 prairie teams as the heart of the league, with their larger fan bases. Things in Regina and Winnipeg seem fine. Guess I forgot Alberta had some restrictions. Just used to good crowds in Calgary and Edmonton. Thanks for pointing that out.


Every team is expecting losses this year evening having some fans were being allowed is the reason why there is a season at all.

Seeing attendance down in Edmonton is concerning but it's been such a tire fire there as of late, it was only a matter of time and they need to figure out how to turn things around.

As for the league moving forward, they clearly have to continue to work on a new business plan for off and on the field. I wouldn't be surprised if talks resume with an unnamed firm starting with the 24th letter of the alphabet soon

All games are currently streamed on TSNDirect or ESPN+ in the US

I don't think teams expected to make any money this year, most fans in the stands had already paid for tickets for the 2020 season.
It's next season that will be the re-set, teams can sell tickets over the winter knowing that 2022 will be a full season

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BC is also capped at 12,500.

The teams need to play though. Going another year without games would cost the league a couple teams folding. Breaking even this season and keeping the CFL game in the mind of fans is more important. Otherwise you could lose those fans to other sports.

Its unfortunate that the CFL is so gate driven compared to other sports.

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Also ESPNNews and ESPN2, which is a serious pain point for us because we have to have a "TV provider" to get them, in addition to an ESPN+ sub. This means that it can cost upwards of $40/month to get all the CFL games (I pay ~$65/month).
As a further gotcha, there are no playoff games scheduled for ESPN+.

It will come as a surprise to no one that as soon as the CFL season is over I will either pause or cancel all access to ESPN. I kept paying for my ESPN+ sub through the pandemic, but that ends with regular season.


If the CFL actual listen to the forum for advice on why this partnership doesn't work as is listen UP .

They can keep them as is but don't give them exclusive rights unless there is more of a upswing in viewership .

Now saying all that the play this year in the CFL is atrocious and thankful for less witnesses .


As I’ve explained numerous times, teams need to paper the house with free tickets.

The short-sighted limited focus is that it’ll somehow “dilute” the value - - but when nobody’s going to the games, there’s nothing to “dilute”.

The Jays did this when they were barely drawing 10,000 people with “Toonie Tuesday” ticket specials.

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At least there hasn't been five missed field goals in less than three minutes. It's not the league's finest hour. but I think most of us are willing to cut it some slack under the circumstances; we're just happy to see some games again. But, yeah, some teams are in worse shape than others.
I whine about the deal I've been given so I can get every game, but I also remember not being able to get ANY, and if I never see another Enzite ad as long as I live it will be too soon. So, as expensive as it is, and even though the lion's share of my fees go nowhere near the CFL, I'll keep paying as long as it's there, but without a financial incentive to stick around after the Cup, I'm gone 'til June.

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Randy Bobandy needs to forget about wasting so much time and money “promoting” the CFL in Europe and focus on the fan base in Canada.

It defies logic for the CFL to partner with a US-based spring football league.

Every single football league not named the CFL or NFL has been a complete - - and very short lived - - failure. This latest XFL joke will also be a total failure. That’s IF it ever gets off the ground.

Partnering with the XFL to try and “save” the CFL is the equivalent of partnering with a homeless hobo to try and pay your mortgage.

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When you get down to it, having two years in the last 15 seasons played where Edmonton had home playoff games and the fact they have finished 4th, 3rd, 5th, 4th, and obviously 5th again this season in the last 5 seasons played may have something to do with it.

It’s hard to tell this year on terms of attendance. Except Winnipeg looks awesome every game. BC is capped due to restrictions so they claim to “sell out”… Edmonton looks worrying for attendance; as well as, Ottawa but that could be due to how their team is performing. Toronto is Toronto poor attendance is nothing new.

I’ve enjoyed the league this year! Games have been interesting

Randy could pimp out the homeless hobo to make the mortgage payment. LOL!

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