Gizmo Williams comedic award ceremony speech -

Anyone see the hilarious Gizmo speech last night at the CFL awards?

Post link for those who haven't.

I find nothing funny about this man....had a run in with him 30 some years ago......the letter A comes to mind as an adjective

Gizmo was very good, very funny and I am chuckling just thinking about his speech.... he is an asset to the CFL hope he keeps coming back whenever he can. The CFL needs ambassadors like him.

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maybe it was you?

guy is a gem. never met him. But everyone says he is a great guy and still lives in edmonton

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I can also tell you he pushed a guy with Downs syndrome during the 1999 WSF at McMahon and was ejected from game

lol ya ok

Apparently a certain person dislikes Gizmo... Quite likely from how that person acts around here it is extremely doubtful it was anything Gizmo started but most likely did finish

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