Gizmo, The Rocket or Chris Williams?

Title says it all ...

Who's the best? Who do you want on YOUR team?

for just returning kicks, giz hands down.

for all purpose player, williams hands down.

but I sure wouldnt mind having winfield in his prime

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I don’t see FYB posts in the near future

I've watched them all. All are great returners.

I'd pick Chris Williams. He's not just speed. He's has an excellent ability to find and create the hole to burst through.

I'm going with Chris too. I love his play ability and team attitude.

say what?

He said something about gazing at balls.
Just kidding , I couldnt resist.
I think he means he does not see Winfield returning anytime soon and he sure wont be in his prime.

Surprised no mentions of Ismail? The Rocket was truly something else! Lots of issues regarding McNall of course, but to think back to the time when the #1, most coveted College prospect came north of the border rather than play in the No Fun League.

As much as I love both Williams, Giz & Chris, I would have to pick Ismail. He was truly extraordinary. Imagine what he could do in today's game with the rule changes?

All round player Williams for sure.

I'll take Johhny Rogers in his prime as a returner on my team.

I think you have to give the nod to the Giz for his longevity - 14 years of pro ball at a high level with 20+ league records. Chris Williams no doubt has the talent, but avoiding injury etc.for over a decade takes talent and good fortune.

Ummmm.... I'm NOT a blue team guy, but where's Pinball on this list? Not saying I'd list him #1, but he should get consideration. For statheads....

All-time CFL kick returners (punts, kickoffs, missed field goals combined)*

  1. Henry (Gizmo) Williams, Edmonton, 1,397 returns, 20,227 yards, 31 TDs

  2. Micheal (Pinball) Clemons, Toronto, 942 returns, 13,082 yards, 8 TDs

  3. Marvin Coleman, Calgary, 780 returns, 11,545 yards, 7 TDs

  4. Jason Armstead, last with Edmonton, 741 returns, 10,279 yards, 6 TDs

  5. Winston October, Montreal 656 returns, 9,511 yards, 7 TDs

Active players chasing the leaders

  1. Chad Owens, Toronto, 372 returns, 6,848 yards, 6 TDs

  2. Larry Taylor, Calgary, 419 returns, 6,555 yards, 6 TDs

  3. Tristan Jackson, Saskatchewan, 407 yards, 6,001 yards, 5 TDs

Chris Williams, Hamilton, 66 returns, 1,267 yards, 7 TDs

Information provided by CFL chief statistician Steve Daniel
Globe & Mail ... ice=mobile

In terms of the 3 mentioned, agree, CW hasn't played long enough for me to say him over Gizmo. I"ll take Gizmo as a punt returner at least. The Rocket, if he had stayed here and had an attitude like Gizmo I think would have been no. 1 on this list.

Gizmo for sure. Ever since CW gave up the TD by hot dogging it he has only been average.

Gizmo was the best. Gizmo was also a receiver early in his career and was pretty darn good.

He did it at a top level for 14 years! Chris has been doing it for 2. Talk to me in another 12 years for a comparison.

sorry but no. The giz was never more than adequate as a receiver.

199 catches for 3,644 yards in career

approached 1,000 yards a few times

was used more earlier in his career as a receiver

better than what you think