Gizmo is a Modest

The raisin bran story is
the second part he is even more modest..
Overall, the Dunnigan story is the best produced.. other than when he chokes on his words about the 87 grey cup...
havent watched the Jurisin one yet...

what I found even more interesting is the fact that this football show/series was produced by Christina Saint Marche who expressed prior interest in buying the Stamps and Argos and in recent years an attempt at securing a CFL franchise for Quebec City...

[b]This is an installment of the first season of the Mini Series "HiStory" or, as it is pronounced, "His Story." The five part mini-series ran for three years on national TV in Canada and on various US sports networks. Each show focused on a single professional football player, his life and his career. [/b]

The show concept was created and developed by Christina Saint Marche and produced by her North American based entertainment company, Signature Entertainment Corp. and its French counterpart Divertissement Signature Inc.

Script research and development was undertaken by School of Rock & R. Chance Saint Marche. Mike Visser was the show's director of cinematography for the first year as each of the five shows were shot in High Definition. In the later two seasons the shows switched to shooting on film. The show was edited on location at NFL Films.
One aspect of the shows that is interesting is the voice overs and radio calls which were recreated by Calgary's Mark Stephen. It was a difficult task as many of these games were played back in the 1980's but Mark made the viewer feel as if he had been present at the game broadcast and actually, in some of these games he had been.
The talent for the show was Edmonton's Jason Gregor. Jason was a well know sports personality in Canada who has a long standing sports radio show in Alberta.

Yeah... Braley and the rest of the CFL owners are all too cheap to invest money into the league. One thing for sure .... The Hall of Fame does not have this kind of money

Are you sure it is Christine and not Chance?
Maybe Chance was in school in Canada and took interest in the CFL and his mom jumped on board after?

He could have been the next Lonnie

Easily one of the best KR and PR in all of Football ever. I remember watching him as a kid (I was born in 1992) and watching him do flips when I was 2-8 years old until he retired in 2000. I remember he was honored at Commonwealth to put his name in the Ring of Honor and he stripped out of his dress pants to have Eskimo pants underneath and the crowd went nuts as he ran to the end zone to do his last flip. The most electrifying player I've seen. CFL or NFL.

"GIZMO" was simply the BEST!!! :thup: :rockin: :thup: :cowboy:

I wonder why things didnt work out in Philly.

I was there... I remember.

Giz was the greatest at what he did, but he really was a one trick pony. Didn't do much as a receiver.

Most electrifying player ever......debatable.

However, I sure wished he played for a team I cheered for at the time.