Giving up your Season tickets?

If you are thinking you want to finally throw in the towel and not renew your season tickets. Let me know.
I am going to get tickets for next year and hope to get the best ones I can. So IM me first.


You will have plenty of good seats to choose from is what I'm take your rush.

Sorry Fletch...I'm renewing the first chance I get but if I hear of anyone giving up their tickets I'll let you know.

Give up my season tickets…not a chance.

They are going to bring in some good coaching,a few key free agent signings, a great draft pick or two and our team will be in the running for it all!



Since your asking, I am gving up my seasons tickets next year. I'm tired of getting all excited about the off season moves only to be completely discouarged year in and out. I was there to hand out my $$ to help Mr. Young keep the team in Hamilton and I will probably get a flex pac for some games, but until I see (on the field and not on paper) a real change in attitude and play from this team, I'll spend my money elsewhere. I'm still a fan and always will be but the 4 seats my friends and I have, are now...up for grabs!!

Oh yea, and before some oh you yahoo's tell me I'm not a REAL fan...I've sat through the 10,000 seat games and I'm NOT giving up...just taking a wait and see for next year. I'll be more then happy to return to the fold if shown the "goods"!!!

Keeping my Season Ticket atleast for 2007

I'm letting mine go in Section 26. PM me if your interested.

I'm keeping mine. Been going too long to quit. Gotta take the bad and the good seasons and we get both.

I'll be dissappointed if we don't see a big improvement next year. But that said, I'll have to remind myself how excited I was before the start of this past season before I get too excited next year. Gotta keep an even keel.

Good luck with your search. There will always be the weak kneed fan that has to see improvement before they buy tickets. It's not like they really care about the team. For those fans it's for their own selfish need to only pay for a winner so their fan ego can be stroked.

I'm giving mine up. I switched jobs and was only able to attend 2 games last year. So I will spend the money on TiCat merchandise instead. :wink:

If they hire Barrett, I'll have two seats available in Box D.

Loyalty is one thing... when the customer feels like they're being played like a fool - that's another thing completely. I've got my limits.


You act like the Cats really want to lose? I have questioned many moves by teams in sport only to be clearly wrong in the end. I'll never give mine they are my seats, Im not gonna give them up to anyone.

The only time my seats will be given up is when my Will is read out loud after I'm gone!!!!

I wonder if you people who are giving up your seats are the same people who would kill to get Maple Leaf tickets?

Ah, true fans. Once I decide on some seat I am going to feel the exact same way. :thup: :smiley:

Are you kidding!I take the bad with the good!Maybe thats why I have had my seats for 15 years now!I will never give mine up!

Yeah, me neither. Despite the team's performance I still have a great time at good old IWS. Firstly because I love football and the CFL brand, and secondly the game day experience that Bob Young and staff have been able to produce is simply funtastic. Best ever.

Okay, clearly my "fanhood" doesn't rank up there with many posters on here (all of you I respect very much - and you post amazing stuff that's great to read and teaches me a LOT). I'm okay with my current status though. Hopefully you can respect me for that too. You're all delightful folks.

I'm just someone with limited time, funds and energies, so above all, a sense of fun and adventure tops my priorities. If Barrett comes along - my track changes. Along with that my stress level and ticket dollars move some place else. Look up - if you see a hang glider - that could be me - or Darlin Husband. The sky is a pretty relaxing place. It's good to know the Cats won't suffer IF our dollars move aside.

I definitely don't believe the Cats tried to lose at all (well.. except for the ones Desjardins suggested did exactly that - and he never did name names). I just personally don't think much of Barrett. What does that matter? It doesn't... unless someone in power reads what we write in here and takes note of opinions expressed. Except for the Caretaker, is that anyone else in here? Probably not.

True fans are marvellous people... but average fans aren't so bad either.

Maybe my seats will be available. I hope not.

Deedle, i hear ya, and I do respect you.

I dont believe the term true fan and season ticket holder should be one and the same.

You know something folks. Many of the posters on this site are very black and white and allow for no middle ground.

It happens that there are many legitimate reasons for a long standing fan like myself to give up his tickets:

Some fans move to another city.
Some fans (myself) have health issues. (in my case, arthritis which makes it very difficult for me to sit in Ivor Wynne's cramped conditions).

Other fans have reasons, which frankly are nobody's damned business.

So stop speculating that those of us who MUST give up our tickets aren't good fans. I'll always be a very devout Ticat fan and would give anything to be able to sit at Ivor Wynne for a few more seasons. As it is, I'll sit at the Rogers Centre for many games this year, especially when Hamilton is the opposition. I find that I have ample leg room there and my arthritic knees don't feel like they're ready for immediate surgery. (Are you getting this,Optimist? I am a weak kneed fan, but I have a reason for it, so don't lump us all into the same category and while you're at it, see what you can do about jumping to dumb conclusions like the one you posted.

(Optimist) There will always be the weak kneed fan that has to see improvement before they buy tickets. It's not like they really care about the team. For those fans it's for their own selfish need to only pay for a winner so their fan ego can be stroked.

Quite honestly I'm waiting to see the prices for '07.
If there is no increase I might resign. :lol:
If not, 2 Seats in Box I will be available......50Yard line. :rockin:
But before any of you think I'd give them up to someone I don't know, think again. I've already spoken to a friend and he said he'd like to move up into them which I guaranteed him he gets the dib's. After that, the Organization can have them to sell to who ever they want.