Giving up your number... What do you ask for??

Seeing Bruce with the number 4 and hearing him mention that "these guys want money for their numbers" got me thinking and I thought we could have a little fun with it.

If a guy like Bruce was asking you for your number, what would you ask him for or make him do to get it??

The biggest steak dinner and the tallest draft beer money can buy!

I'm a little vindictive (I'm sure those of you who know me would be surprised by that lol). I'd like to see him do something embarrassing like wear a dress and sing at practice :lol:

Aside from that, I'd probably say for him it would be $25,000. Seriously though. Unless I was attached to the number for some reason, I'd probably say he could buy me dinner and clean my locker for a week.

You're talking phone number, right? :wink:

Ok, that's just sick lol. NO THANK YOU.

Gee BHG, I thoughe you’s want him to wear “pasties” and dance at a “table” for you? lol

Seriously, for what he’s (reportedly) making, it would be a steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, followed by a night on the town (you can guess what I mean), and about $10-15K in “compensation”.

I think my wife would be a bit peeved over his phone calls to me. She would be so jealous! :smiley:

Id tell him to get lost.

Arland Bruce 3rd shouldn't he be looking for number three off of Beswick not number four. :? :lol:

If I were Tafralis, I'd tell Arland I would be allowed to mispronounce Bruce's name on purpose for the rest of the season like everyone else does with Adam's. It's amazing that Tafralis hasn't developed a complex yet, poor guy. :wink:

cuff links
gucci belt

8) Make Bruce give me his Argo playbook !!!!
  Oooops, he can't do that can he.  He left his behind on that plane   !!!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Ron Trentini’s brief career as a cross-dressing flight attendant EXPOSED by Tip on!! :twisted:

I am where TMZ meets CFL, no? LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Espionage Wee,

personally...if it was me....I'd be saying....sorry about your luck.

If Tafralis isn't all that attached to the #4 then I guess it's up to Bruce to make him an offer an ask nicely....and away we go.

Jokes aside, why are numbers so important? I know some have certain superstitions, for example. But overall is it that big a deal?

I am as athletic as a poached egg. I love watching sports but I suck at it. So it is not as if I have a history of wearing a favourite number on my back.

What’s the real deal here? The only time I really pay attention to the importance of a number is when it is retired and raised to the rafters after a player’s retirement from his sport.

Any comments?

I'd tell him he gets the number from me if he can convince the USPGA to have their players wear numbers on the back of their jerseys.

99 would look good on Tiger Woods

It varies from athlete to athlete. For some, a number is almost a religious thing for them, or means something "special, or represents them in some way. Others, of course, couldn't care less.

I'd tell him to get lost.

Lots of numbers available.

Thats what i say ... why should anyone have to feel like a punk on their own team no matter how good or how long he's been there. Ya that'll make ya feel good " I had to give my number away cause a new guy came to town and wanted it" If someone is good enough to say hey your a superstar you been in this number for so long go ahead i'll change out of the goodness of my heart thats fine with me .. but to expect it or anything else even pressure to do it .. way to make someone feel like they are not a worthwile part of the team

Personally, I have played 7 seasons winning two championships with my 65 number and i am looking to add another 4 to that number with the Jersey #65 I have become attached to it because i has been my first and only number to play with and I have ha so much success with it.

I would not let anyone take my number, but i would offer some great dinners and extras to get my number.