giving up two

I know the game is over and DM looks good for giving up the safety, but in my opinion it was the wrong call. With a 1:30 left on the clock there was enough time on the clock for BC to march the ball down and score the winning touchdown. If they had punted the ball BC would have had time to just tie the game. Basicallly I believe you don't hand over the ball to the other team with a chance to win the game if you have an optioin. If there is 20 seconds on the clock, then I would say give up the safety, but not with that much time left.

Any thoughts?

I didn't see the West game (shame on me), but if that was the satiation you described above, I think taking the 2 points is a lot safer that punting it and taking a chance that BC would get the TD. then I have my D stop the Lions cold.

Edm made the right call, it's not cricket, but whatever.

ROUGHYFAN we agree.

that was absolutly moronic, i was scared when he did that, HES THE NEXT DON MATHEWS LOL OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moon has collided with the sun.....I'm going to agree with RNR! LOL

I couldn't beleive DM was giving up the safety. Especially since Printers was starting to connect. But, he's the coach, and he won, so I guess that shows why I don't have a head coaching job.

yah, i had to wipe my pants after tht move,

The were 4 Eskie fans sitting in our section in front of us. The one guy was 6'4, 250 lbs. I thought he was going to run on the field and Throttle Machocia at that call. But hey, it worked out for you.

What if BC got the punt, returned it for a TD and tied the game. then Edmonton got the game and:

a.) the game went into OT, where it can go 50/50
b.) BC gets the ball back and scores thus winning the game
c.) Esks score and win.

Too many questions

on Safety, you can give up two but still have the lead, then have faith in your D (this is a team sport after all) that they will stop the BC O line short of a TD and let them get a FG or less. if they get a TD, well too bad.

they made the right call. was a gamble, but it was good.

lol we won i think it worked out! hey RUNnealonRUN! we’re going to the big show! Gooooooooooooooo Eskies! RnR, for defending the Esks for so long , and being such a hardcore Eskies fan, i raise my beer to you man!

I loved the call.

BC was going to go for a TD anyways, and punting it from that deep would've given them the ball at the Esks 40 yard line with over a minute left, and the Esks probably wouldn't get the ball back to kick for the win (they had used their timeout).

Instead, they gave up two and took away BCs big plays. That forced BC to put together a drive from deep in their own end of the field to score a touchdown, which is something they hadn't done all game.

The strategy worked perfectly - Printers had nothing to throw to except for short 10-yard passes, and the only reason BC even had a prayer is because Brady's dumb pass interference put BC on Edmonton's side of midfield with 14 seconds left. Even if BC scored and won I would still agree with the strategy and would be poo-pooing all over Brady today.

But it was very smart coaching - thumbs up to Maciocia.

Boy, thinking of all the comments I read in the past few weeks, I've never seen so many people hating their own coach when he still gets your team to the Grey Cup.

Eskimos Fans, if Macciocia wins you the Cup, will your opinion on him change?

I can assume you've noticed Esks fans are very fickle bunch. I don't really get it...

last season all they talked about was how much Maas sucked and how they wanted Ray to come back. Now they are all talking about how much Ray sucks now (even though he scored two TDs in the first half last night) and how much better Maas is. Even Maas commented on the fans a couple weeks back saying how this year has been a thousand times easier for him than the last.

Higgins coached them to a Grey Cup two years ago, but lost in the West semi to a red hot Rider team and we punt him to Calgary.

If we lose the Grey Cup game next weekend, there will be a public lynching of Ray and Maciocia at Edmonton city hall.