Giving up Safety

Ok, we lost by 4 pts = 2 safeties.
I understand all the arguments for giving up 2 pts. But, I hate giving anything free to the other team.
Since when can we not punt from 5 - 10 yds in the endzone. They are in a domed stadium with a kicker who can punt it 50 -60 yards.
Many times over the years you hear how missing a field goal or convert will "come back to haunt them" later in the game. Well, safeties do the same thing.
If we want to be known for tough defence and hardnosed, in your face football, then give the other team nothing. Make them earn every yard. :smiley:

The theory is you give up 2 points, long kickoff hold the returner deep in his end zone - let your defence step up and get the ball back again at midfield and be in a position to score at least a FG.
Makes a lot of sense.
However, what happened last night was they couldn’t hold the returner and defense couldn’t stop them. You give the other team 2 points and you give theme the ball back and they are immediately in scoring position.

I couldn't agree more! Further, how many times do you see the other team, receiving the subsequent kickoff and jacked up after the gift, drive the length of the field to score a touchdown anyway.... It becomes a 9 point play.

I hate the conceded safety.... Lancaster was the all time master... You rarely saw us ever punt from inside our 10 yard line.

Kicking out of the endzone puts the offence pretty much in field goal position. So... it becomes trading 3 points for 2.

what he said…

I don't agree with giving up 2pts at any time unless you are kicking into a strong wind or have a substantial lead. Not too long ago that was the only time you would see it. I don't see the reasoning that 2 is better than 3pts. Nothing guarantees the opponent will get that 3pts. This is a fairly new trend in the league and I have seen too many games that were lost by what a team handed the opponent. Just kick it, cover it, and let your "D" smash it down their throats.

I have been saying it for two years. The safety in the CFL is the most boring play there is. It is used far too often and has no ultimate benefit to the game.

Teams that concede the safety should be forced to kick from their own 10 or lose the ball on downs.

It's never a guaranteed three points, the kicker still has to actually make a field goal. Punt it, and take the gamble. Show some confidence in your defence, give them a chance to pick off a pass, stop a drive, or cause a fumble.

Unfortunately our cover team was poor last night. I'd give up the 2 in a heartbeat (especially with a suspect O-line).

Cover team was'nt too bad, but BC had their 3rd string QB in. Worth a shot, JJ was'nt that impressive.

It shows no faith in your special teams or in your defence. You never see it in the NFL... even with the shorter end zone when the ball is being snapped from close to the goal line.

I hate the conceded safety!

Setta also hasn't yet learned the Canadian punters' ridiculous habit of dancing around in the end zone before conceding...even when they're losing!

Giving up the safety seems to be in our play book every game.RIP that page out of the book, we have a great kicker use him, and then let the defence do there work.
I can see if its a really windy day or we are in the lead by 20 or more points, but STOP GIVING UP POINTS.

Most CFL games are close in score too, and it useally goes down to the last couple of plays.Just remmeber its the SCORE that wins games not field postion.

It's been done in the NFL. The Patriots did it in a playoff game not too long ago. If I recall correctly, they were up 6 and they gave up the safety because there's no real difference in being up 4 or up 6. If you give up the TD you're still going to lose.

Now for my opinion on the matter: I don't mind giving up safeties, but that last one I was totally against. Our defence had held strong for 8 or 9 drives. Have some faith in the D, they were doing great. BC had no momentum. But after they got the safety things started rolling in their direction.

EXACTLY. In that situation giving up the safety is the ONLY decision you can make.

Agreed 100%!

Sure 2 points is better than 3, but what about possession of the ball?

Sometimes you end up giving them 5 or 9 points.

If you have no confidence in your defence then why are you willing to give them the ball back after conceding 2 points? I don't get it. You either have confidence in your defence, or you don't.

Don't like the conceded safety at all. Our punter booms the ball and the coverage so far been decent. Many things can happen that may prevent automatic points going the other way, PLUS does absolutely nothing to swing the backward momentum.
It does make sense if you are kicking into a stiff breeze that has been resulting in poor net yardage, usually only 2-3 games/year.
Let the players make plays!

I have been thinking more about this and just realized that teams give up 2 pts and then kick off more now than they did when you gave up 2pts and kept possession of the ball, unless it was after the 3 min warning then you had to kick.

Funny, it was a rare thing then, mostly dictated by the wind more than anything else.