Giving Up 2 Twice?

Setta is the best punter in the CFL, yet we never punt when we're anywhere near our own goal line. On the road you should never give the home team 4 free points. Let Setta do his job and make the opposition earn every point.

I agree.

I hate when teams concede the safety.

shows a real confidence in the dfence.zzz

Let Setta boom's sometimes only a 15 yd difference.......or never know....just KICK IT...
With all of the angling etc...that goes on these days wouldn't it be nice for a kicker to hear.....BOOM IT AS FAR AS

An extra 3 points on top of that as the Alouettes got the ball right back and got a field goal. It was an instant 5 points.

Can't recall what happened after the second safety.

The worst was when we gave up the 2, and then the kickoff went out of bounds right after.

it was a stupid call by the coaches. almost as stupid as punting the ball when your down 2 scores with under 2 mins left and no time outs

well the first time [I believe] they really had no choice. the long snapper fucked that up

That's one good example of why
it's safer to give up 2 points. k 25

There were so many wild snaps we were lucky
Nick caught them let alone got good kicks off.

Twice he had to kick the ball on the run.

It 's simple field position.
As was mentioned by commentator C.Cuthbert it's actually a move that favors the team giving up the safety by far.

Speaking of long snappers, what's wrong with Robichaud? I know he is on the injury list, but I haven't heard anything about him.

The two safeties given up last night, from what I remember, translated into 7 points (2 Safeties and a FG). What was the final score again? Bollocks to field position!!! Kick it to them and hold them to a field goal attempt or force a turnover!!! Maybe that's what this team needs is a bit of confidence!!!

What I want to know...AND I've seen it a few times in the last couple of games...WHY NOT LET SETTA RUN FOR A FIRST DOWN!

We had the chance at least once in the prior game (Edmonton)and Setta only need to make a few more steps but he kicked it on the run!

They did it to us on their next possession! :roll:

Apparently he suffered from an appendicitis attack a few weeks ago and IIRC, he had his appendix removed.

Don't know how long it takes to recover from that procedure.


I certainly hope he recovers soon. For his health, AND the health of the special teams... lol

Look at what you just wrote. Don't give up two points and gain field position, but give up three points. So instead of 4 give them 6? (kick it to them and kold them to a FGA being the key phrase)That's a winning strategy.

Well, I can play that game too. If you take the safety and kick it to them, they'll score 7. Since we're assuming that they'll automatically score 3 if we punt, I'll suggest they automatically score 7 from a kickoff. So now you're giving up 9.

TRANSLATION: Attempt does not mean good.

Oh well... May.. No.

You can suggest all you like. The decision was sound. In fact, the odds are better that you will give up 7 by punting, the importance of a short field and all. But nice try.

yeah, but punting gaurantees you dont give up 9 instead of 7, or 5 instead of 3, or 3 instead of 1, or 2 instead of 0.

There are no guarantees in football my friend. It is too wild a beast to think that anything is a "guarantee". That is why coaches play the odds and regain field position by giving up 2. Thus ends the lesson.