Giving up 2 points may have cost us the game

I yelled at the coach when he gave up the 2 point convert late in the game. It`s not like Argos are a powerhouse, should have kicked the ball away, we gave them the extra 2 points they needed to win the game. I can see if it was a top team, perhaps.

.....sometimes it's better to give-up two rather than seven.....AND the way our d was playing in that game ..taking into account the injuries as well?????? I say give them the two..We should have got that back on a very makeable field-goal in any event :wink:

It was the right call, Toronto would have had instant field position ! Some thing you forgot to mention was the 15 yard roughing penalty WPG took on the kickoff ! Which was the problem ! Even with a good punt and a average return,Toronto is going to have the ball at the our 35 ! So your giving them the field goal and maybe TD ! The kick off gives the defence more room and takes the instant FG away, unless you have a idiot who takes selfish penalties ! With no penalty they start on their side of half.

Add in that the Toronto kicker had already made a 52 yard FG earlier in the game and the Argos wouldn’t have needed to move the ball far to be in FG range.

Toronto would have been in FG range ! Renaud was standing on the goaline, he averages around 42 a kick, so he hits one 45, with a 10 yard rt. or no yards , Toronto scrimmages inside our 40 !


It was definitely the right call to concede 2 points.

The Argos should never have gotten into field goal range except for Sernas noodle leg and the bad penalty.

I am not so sure that kicking to Chad Owens of the lowly Argos would have been such a great move....especially with the way the Bombers cover team has been struggling to start the season.

They scored and got 2 points extra is all I am saying. I think it`s done to often, giving up the safety, just my opinion.

But if they punt , your guaranteeing at least 3 and a very short field for 7 ! I would rather have Toronto Scrimmage at their 45 than our 40 !

Giving up 2 points did not cost us the game, giving up another special teams KR/PR TD cost us the game, simple as that!!

I agree, the bombers had the lead at that point and were about to extend it, then Serna misses the FG and its 6 points the other way.

Renaud would have been kicking with the wind and is an excellent directional kicker so I don't think there would have been much of a return. Our punt cover team has been good and we've only taken one no yards penalty in two games. So it's just as likely the Argos would have had the ball between the 40-45 yard lines which would have made a 45-50 yard FG attempt into the wind.

None of that really matters since given up the safety was the right call.