Giving something new a try: Using the forums as the comments engine for

There's an interesting new feature that allows the comments section at the bottom of articles on to be powered by this forum software. The forum will auto-create a topic in this section linking to that article, and people who wish to comment on it will have to register an account on these forums.

There is something that could prove annoying: It may feel like each article posted that creates a topic is "spamming" the forums. But I figure we give it a whirl and see how it goes. The goal, of course, is a higher rate of usage of the forums.

Annoying is right.

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Is there a way it can be that only new articles get made as topics here to clear some of the clutter?

Overall this is good idea in practice

Just put exactly that filter in place. I guess we'll see how this pans out.


Not a fan

I'm a believer in quality not volume is the key to building a useful and enjoyable forum.
Recently you have done a really good job of getting rid of guys who just like to roam around looking for a fight.

But that said If it leads to additional quality then great.


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I do kind of like that it's a place that only news items can be discussed and not to look through all of the US Expansion/Kill the Ratio/Kill the Rouge/1 Division/Adopt 4 down/Rant threads.

Those can stay in the general forum....or create an Abyss sub-form :skull_and_crossbones:

This a good idea. I don't Facebook

Great idea love it . More is better .

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Welcome to the forums, @CatsRback!