Giving Dunigan some credit

Matt Dunigan was the GM and HC in Calgary for just the one year.
And it ended bitterly.
But he brought in some talent.
Jeoffrey Reynolds is the all time Stamps rusher
Nik Lewis: second in Stamps history in receptions, yardage and TD ( behind Allen Pitts)
I think he brought Milanovich to CFL- I remember Dunnigan saying that Milanovich will make a great CFL HC after his QB days are done and then naming him QB coach.

Good read slant. I've always liked 'Matty', was a gamer as a player and sure can rub some people the wrong way but that's what made him a great player apart from having talent of course.

Judging Dunigan as HC/GM for that freakshow of an ownership is like judging a rookie QB who plays behind a lousy o-line.

Dunigan got a real bad rap from that gig. I’m glad that he landed on his feet at TSN where he is awesome.

Great points. Dunnigan doesn’t really get the credit he deserves for bringing those guys into the league. (especially in such a short time period)

Excellent way of depicting the situation.

Dunigan also got John Grace for a steal in a trade with Eric Tillman and the Renegades.

And he does an excellent BBQ :thup:

He shot any credibility he had by starting Kevin Federick

I believe that was Jim Barker NOT Dunnigan.

…he had a gun to his head on that QB decision…believe me, no stamp fan worth his salt holds any grudge against Dunnigan for his involvement in those dark dire days…