Given our heartbreaking defeat, will you watch the Final?

With the East Final getting closer all the pre-game hype turns me off. Given the expectations we had for this season the TiCats should be playing on Sunday. I won't be able to watch the East Final - too painful.

No pain here. I was prepared for the loss given the fact the Cats lost every big game all season. Its not about the heartbreaking loss. I have other plans that I'm not willing to change for 2 teams I don't care about. If Hamilton was playing I'd probably still watch the game later online

I need to find me a half decent online source ... CFL games on TV here seldom ever happen i think there was maybe 1 it was an argo game ..but sunday is NFL day and there is no way it will make it to air here i'll be at the Jags game .. so i'll just have to read the aftermath online ... Go Argo's i'm tired of Montreal being the fav's every year

I'll be's still the CFL and should be a good game.

I will be.

Oski Wee Wee,


Of course.

Rooting against the blue team is my second favourite thing to do.

I'll watch the East and West Finals and the Grey Cup game. I'm a CFL fan and love CFL playoff football.

It's a football game, so yes.

We usually watch even if the Cats aren't there, but I dont' know if I coud stomach it if the blue team makes it.

Of course for this guy. I’m first and foremost a CFL fan and secondly a TigerCat fan. Best time of the year for me the CFL playoffs albeit I wish we were still in the hunt of course.

Oh yea for sure, I want to see the A*** get smoked. :smiley:

I guess some people are not CFL fans but rather strictly Ticat fans.

No problem here. I like CFL football and expect a dandy game with the expectation the Ar$#%H^%$# will get crushed. The Wing King and I and some beers in the Man Cave will do just fine.

Looking forward to an exciting game. I want to see if Montreal can stop Owens on runbacks like we did. And if Calvillo can pick apart their secondary.

I’m with the majority here. … I’m a CFL fan first and foremost, and will watch as many CFL games as I possibly can. . .just that since Mrs MadJack and I will be in Hawaii for the week, we’ll miss the east and west finals :frowning:

But we get back (just) in time to watch the Grey Cup.

Say "Hi" to Pearl for me. Something tells me you won't be going all that way and not seeing her. :slight_smile:

You got that right. . . main reason I'm going !

If it's the CFL, I will watch. It's that simple for me. Besides, one of my teams is in it.

Hell, even if it was the Bramalea Satellites versus the Balmy Beach Argos, it's still 3 down football so I'd watch.

An Argo-Cat fan

ABSOLUTLEY !! Its the CFL, Its AWESOME !!!!!!

I'll be watching but with a heavy heart :frowning: :oops: thinking of things that might have been.