Giveaway/Takeaway stats


10-4 Montreal +18
10-4 Calgary +10
7-7 Hamilton+3
5-9 B.C. Lions +2
9-5 Saskatchewan+1
4-10 Winnipeg -4
7-7 Toronto -10
4-10 Edmonton -20

Amazing how closely that stat reflects the standings.

The main outlier appears to be the Argos, and you’d think the Riders would be slightly higher

More stats

Cobb is 3rd in rushing

Boyd 1179 yards
Reid 1103 yards
Cobb 980 yards


Bruce 1237 yards
Fantuz 1158
Edwards 1121
Richardson 1061
Dressler 1039
Stamps 983

And still Lefko puts us behind the blew team in his rankings. What a homer!

Well it wont take long to figure out hes wrong.
Were going to go in there and mess up those Argos on Friday.

Funny how everyone has been down on Cobb until a couple weeks ago. He was already on pace for 1000 before 2 weeks ago. He just decided to get there sooner. :slight_smile:

Wonder if he will better his 1200+ from last year.

While I never supported his crucifixion (I blamed our OL's lack of run blocking more), I did question Cobb's inability to hit most of his holes at full speed...I think the OL has improved and so has Cobb...Therefore more rushes, more success and a much less predictable O that has looked awesome at times! At his current pace of 70 yards/game, Cobb would end the season with 1260 rushing yards.

Not really.
He has been doing a better job lately, but if you look at all his stats you get a better picture.
Second in rushing attempts.
Second last in average.
First in fumbles.

What a surprise. A running back second in rushing attempts and tied for first with the rushing attempt leader for fumbles. The more carries, the more opportunities there are to drop it. Who'd have thought that?

And his average? Not great, but not totally out of whack with the rest. Not bad considering his slow start. Whether his numbers over the last few games are due to an improvement in execution by the offence or the result of running against weaker defences, the next four games will tell us.