Give Wally Back

BC Lions you are so lucky to have Wally on your team

We know that.

We used to be terrible. Now look what he has built.

Buono for Mayor!

And yet 05 is always badmouthing him, and swears he is glad to rid of him.

Go figure...

For all his arrogance, I'd take Wally in a heartbeat.

Actually, I know exactly why 2005 doesn't like him.

Over the years Wally made some unpopular decisions. (Barrin Simpson comes to mind). He tends to whine the odd time. But I would still keep him in a heartbeat. He has a knack for finding and developing young QB's and Players. Who would have thought we'd survive on our third string QB, Who would have thought Glatt would replace Simpson so well.

So, while the "Wallyisms" can drive you crazy at times, its hard to be critical of what he puts on the field.

The thing about Wally’s whining, is frankly, I believe it is mostly a tactic. Good coaches find ways to motivate their players and deflect attention away from them.
What may seem like whining from Wally is usually just him taking the attention away from his players onto his shoulders.
Which was one of the more amusing things about all the attention ET was getting this week.
You think he doesn’t realize that if the fans and media are talking about him, then they aren’t asking Tristan Clovis 9 times a day about “the Mistake” or getting benched.

As for on field mistakes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–good coaches live on the edge. They do things, make mistakes and move on.
Don Mathews usually made 2 or 3 clear blunders a game. I think he had some success.
Cal Murphy liked to make mistakes too.
Higgins has a reputation as a riverboat gambler and so did Ron Lancaster.
I think I just accounted for 75% of the Grey Cup winners in the last 30 years…

What they all have in common is no fear. They understand people make mistakes and that it isn’t that you make them, but how you deal with them that separates the winners from the losers.