Give ur tickets away!

Hey everybody, I was recently given 20 tickets for the Oct 15th game by a ticat fan "CANUCKLEHEAD" I know he may not want to be put on a pedastool but this man did a great thing and I thought I would ask others to do the same.

Canucklehead had tickets left over from his season tickets, and he went in to the ticat office and redeemed all of his unused tickets and gave them to me to hand out to kids in our community (I do a lot of work within our community)

Just thought I would ask as I know so many of us here may be upset with the performance of the team and may not have used or are using there tickets to make the effort and give them to some kids!! I know when I was a kid I didnt care how they did I was just happy to be there.

Thats why on the 15th I am estatic to see the 86 grey cup team. so if u can and if ya want please take canuckle heads lead and do the same!!



aye, woody is another guy thats great for that.

lotta class fans in this organization, regardless of the onfield talent (which seems pretty classy itself these days)

I agree woody is a class act and his wife is a sweetheart!!

We've actually got to cash in our free pair of tickets for this last game and drop them off at big brothers/big sisters.. it's what we do every year.