Give the team to Chang......enough is enough....

mr62cats - I was just trying to point out that the game wasn't entirely the QB's fault. It is a TEAM game, and the TEAM lost.

re confidence.....I'd say its the rest of the team that has no confidence in Maas.
And if they arent playing any better with Chang in, its because the game's outcome has already been decided at that point.

Toronto Won't take him
They are happy with Bishop

re confidence.....I'd say its the rest of the team that has no confidence in Maas. And if they arent playing any better with Chang in, its because the game's outcome has already been decided at that point.
I wouldn't want to play with Maas to be honest, what the commentators call "intensity" when Maas lets one of his emotional displays happpen aren't exactly confidence inspiring...
sigpig wrote: Did the QB go offside?

Did the QB move out of his stance early?

Did the QB drop the ball in the end zone?

Did the QB pick up the blitz and block the LB coming at the QB?

Chang would habe been killed.

The Qb fumbled the hike when the cats were on the 3-yard line.
Then through a bad pass to a wideopen receiver in the endzone.
The QB fumbled the ball on the 3 or 4 yrd line.
The QB threw up a Hail Mary and got intercepted.
The QB managed 79 yards total offence the first half
The QB set up several of his receivers to get killed by passes even the commentators said should never have been thrown.
All these things, especially the first 2 really hurt any momentum the Cats might have had.

On top of that he cried and wined to the coach like a little baby.

How do you know Chang would have gotten killed. I beg to differ.

his conduct on the sidelines is definitely getting tiresome

Having been one of the people who has been wanting Chang to play more/start after the first couple of games when it was clear--as if last year wasn' enough proof--that Maas just not have it, watching tonights game was heart-wrenching. Didn't really care for the salt being rubbed in the wounds when Maas started the second half. There is so much that I could say, but that would ultimately just lower me to the levels of the juveniles here who have hounded me since day one, despite the fact that my assessment of what's wrong with the team hasn't been all that far off.


Thats no longer the issue. The question is what has to be done about whats wrong with this team. Change is needed and it should start with the QB...his performance is crucial to improving this team. A year and a half is way too long. Then the offensive players who cause stupid penalties should be fined heavily. But a change in QB would signal a new direction for this team. Then we deal with whatever problems arise after that.
We simply cannot continue along this same path.

Knowing this coaching staff they will cut the entire team and try to build up a new team around their great white hope Jason Maas.
Been there done that and it didn't work...

yea,we might lose!

When you are watching the game through the eyes of a TV camera, it’s unfair to put all of the blame on the QB. At times I question why Maas is taking so long to throw. Are the receivers not getting open, or has he lost confidence and is he waiting for the receiver to be open rather than throw to where the receiver should be? We don’t know what is happening on the entire field so one can’t judge.

The fans in Hawaii must be wondering what's wrong with our coaching staff.

or vise versa

5-25 under Maas?......

do ya think?... :roll:

Start Chang for the rest of the season and be done with Maas.

It's all beginning to make sense now. I think Sigpig and crew are actually Argo fans, because by arguing to keep Maas in as vehemently as they do they are trying to guarantee a playoff spot for the Argos.

How many piss poor losing seasons do we need to have before the fans get to judge? I'm judging as of tonight. Maas has to go. Trade him, release him or buy him out.

Who Am I?

I like to pat my head as the ball sails by.
I like to run to the coach when I screw up and blame the other guys.
I like to fumble the ball when I get close to the other guy's endzone.
I like to throw three-yard passes when the team needs 10.
I like to start the second half by wasting my timeout.
I like to strip any momentum my team might have whenver possible.
I like to take great receivers and make them mediocre so they get traded.
I like to run such a poor offence that the best running back in the league never gets a chance to show his stuff.

Should I go on?

Start Chang and end this misery.


The season is over, so they might as well start preparing for next year. Maas is definitely not part of the future so starting him is pointless. However, will the rest of the players respond to throwing in the towel?

Chang has a great resume, but there is no proof so far that he is the saviour.

At this point, what the heck, start Chang and see what happens. Maas is always on the bench if you need him.

And perhaps Williams deserves a shot too.