Give the Hoggies their Due..

Everyone Gives Jessie Credit for His big Night .
Jessie know where Credit is due.
It is UpFront with The Hoggies.
Pascal Brought the Hammer out then Laid it on the Bombers.

Our Your Rookies Took are Great Addions to the OL.
We have Great Tackles and Good Depth on the Oline.

Durring next The home game
I think we should give a Big
Cheer to our OL.
They been great this year.

Also they get some credit for Maas' 76% completion rate.

Schultzie on TSN rates them badly underrated (and that was BEFORE Friday's game).

Such being said, the return of Mr Charon is welcomed, and observe the results!

Under rated for sure and great job again O line!.

Also Korri Dickerson #0 is laying some key blocks on the end of the line .

He was on the end for Lumsdens first touchdown run.