Give the Coordinators Credit

Over the last few weeks Denny Creehan and Marcel Bellefuille have taken alot of heat - but both I think called spectacular games last night. Play calling was excellent and the execution carried it through. The half time adjustments took this team's game to the next level. I was so impressed with the play of the D-line and especially the secondary. That was the old Hamilton swarming aggressive defense we've been missing. I don't know if the offense will sustain it but the defense I think has been very good for the last month, even through out the losing streak. I never thought Denny Creehan deserved all the heat he was getting. The defense is playing great. Give them a chance and this team may turn this season around yet. I would consider 7 or 8 wins and competitive football throughout to be a successful season for this franchise, considering where they started from after last season.

I'll give Creehan credit. Not so much for Bellefeuille. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Let's see how Bellefeuille does against a team other than the Argos.

Taffe needs to take control when things are not working instead of standing there with a confused look on his face. Both sides of the ball had a good gameplan and the D made great adjustments at the half. This needs to happen all the time if we have any chance of beating anyone other than The Boatmen.

To me, it looks like the secondary got some confidence in the second half of that last game and started covering the receivers tighter...making plays on the ball rather than sitting off for 5 or 10 yards and waiting for the completion.