Gees I can't beleive it's me saying this...

Give the cats a break...

OK it's nice being right for a change...remember when I wrote in many entries that Printers alone couldn't turn the team around and that help was needed on the O=Line band at receiver....that the D need alot of help as well? Well it appears that I was right...BUT

In Printers, the cats have potentially the best athlete as QB in the CFL...add Zeke, Jesse, Armstead and a few more and you have a good nucleus on both sides of the ball..

It was unrealistic to expect Casey to step in and put 56 points on the board. Forget the dropped will take time for him to develop a connection with his receivers...for him to find a couple of go to guys. He doesnt have a connection yet like Stegall-Glenn, Calvillo-Cahoon, Burris Copeland...etc. That kind of connection takes time...but after years watching AC instinctively knbow where to find Ben Cahoon it's a thing of beauty!

There are 7 other teams that would die to have Printers...(OK maybe not BC)....RBS and Receivers are alot easier to find than let him learn ...let the front office evaluate the talent...take your knocks if you have to, but don't let the team down!!!!


Good post. But the problems are as much with the coaching as they are with some of the iffy players. Its easy to trade for new players but not so easy to get rid of OC's and DC's and find a replacement who can work wonders. Thats what we need though.

Fire Marcele and all the coaches...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic

Okay Then What
We hire the boy from the Stoney Creek Attic
Then when you don't win one game
We will fire you.

The thing is we have good Canadian players playing at positions that, on most other teams, are played by imports. That should make it easier as there should be countless imports available to play at the other positions.

I guess what I was trying to say is that speaking as a ticat fan...(#2 behind my beloved Als)....and as a Montrealer who travels to IWS at least 4-5 times a year...DONT ABANDON THE SHIP!!!

During those dark years when there was no CFL in Montreal, the Cats were very good to me...

The ticats have alot going for them now....committed ownership, the best stadium in the league, potentially the best QB in the least 3 RBs who can play including a non import... Im not a big fan of a couple of the receivers...but if you were a free agent receiver would'nt you want Casey Printers throwing the ball to you? Because he is so mobile that extra second he has to throw buys you time for one more move!!!

1-10 sounds bad and it is.....but 1-10 with the arrow pointing up is a start. The Cats aren't likely to make the playoffs this year so use the time to evaluate the players and the coaching staff...see who is untouchable and who has market value. Concentrate on scouting and the draft...If you have to trade a "known star" to get two solid DBs or receivers it.

I wish I could be at IWS for all the remaining home games cause I think that there are a couple of guys on the team who are ready to break out...

Be good and keep the faith!!!

It is not the 1 and ten record that bothers me. What bothers me is the cats showed signs of being a decent team for three successive games of which we won one.

Since then the cats gone down hill. They make the same mistakes over and over, the coach holds up his hands and says he doesn't know what the problem is and then tells the press he has to stew over the losses for 24 to 48 hours after each game before he starts to look to the next game.

Cats are getting blown away. Get over the loss before the end of the game and start watching film and preparing for the next game straight away. Make the players show disipline or benche them.

It's a ridiculous notion to keep firing GMs and coaches part way through a season. Are we going to do that every season?

Marcel has to be given at least three years IMO. He's delivered some fine young talent. it's way too early to be giving up on Marcel and even Charlie for that matter. Once the season is over then it's time to evaluate who stays and who goes as far as players and asisstant coaches go.

Sure the team was improving, but when it was determined that the team was stagnating we took a couple steps back in order to try to move forward again. That's what we're seeing now.

It's not quite starting over, but it's somewhat akin to it with the changing QB situation.

Maas was given up on and Chang was given the difficult task of starting against a veteran Stubler defence. Twice. That didn't work, and then enter Casey Printers.

That's where we are now, and (I hate to say it, I really do) we have to be patient while he adjusts to the CFL, and the Ti-Cats' scheme and players.

I still think we'll be okay eventually.The transition from Maas to Printers is a bump in the road that is killing the Ti-cats fans' patience. Completely understandable. This process is going to take longer than anyone hoped.

I don't think it will take very long to get this team going. We just have to make plays. Dropping passes and dumb penalties hurt us. If we cut those down and run the ball we will win. We are what we are because of lack of discipline and concentration. We are a young team and with the experience gained from this year will make us a better team. GO CATS GO

I'd have to agree with giving the Cats a break. As hard as we all are on them they're twice as hard on themselves whether you see that thru the media or not. It's all fine a good to say fire this coach and trade that player and get a new GM, but that's been happening in one way or another for the last couple years and having a revolving door of people certainly isn't helping our team gel. Yes they make stupid mistakes but you would too having such immense pressure to win. Unfortunately for us it's just gonna take time. But with the guys we've got one day soon we will have a winning football team.

There is a very good core to this football team: Printers, Moreno, Armour, Lumsden, McKay-Loescher, Curry, Cody, Beveridge, Armstead, parts of the O-line. Unfortunately, that's all you have: the core. Now you have to build on it.

You need:

  • 1 solid possession receiver
  • 1 good rush end to complement Loescher
  • 1 defensive tackle who can bring pressure up the middle
  • 2 good cover men in the secondary

I suspect Marcel will be very busy in the offseason.

defence rules was so right when he said the season was looking ok and getting better untill the win against winnepeg. That is so true. Whatever happened in Montreal that game just killed the energy that they showed the last 4 games before that.

I hope Bob sells the team 3 years.....before he can say, "I just wanted to thank all the fans" while we rebuilt the team. I was only 1 year, I mean 2 years, oops I mean three years off. :slight_smile:


Our fans have been punished by watching this team the last few years. It's not fun getting beaten BADLY over and over again for years. Our last season over .500 was Greg Marshall's first year, and he only went 9-8-1. Since then it's been all downhill.

Get the spelling right! The Attic...sounds like a great hangout!

you're half right...

We need some help on the Oline. (don't know where, but Woodard hasn't been his old self recently IMO...)

-That gives our speedy receivers time to get open (no ones gonna cover all of Brock Ralph, Jason Armstead and Lesse Lumsden for over three and a half seconds... lets get that protection and watch our boys succeed. (That gets rid of the need for that possession receiver you wanted... failing that French has been doin alright in that regard... ditto for Bauman.)

-The bookend to compliment McKay-Loescher is needed. touche.

-Our DTs are fine IMO. They dont need to get pressure, just tie up people, which is what they're doing and will do better with a better DE on the other side of Nautyn.

-2 good cover men- we don't really need this... we need ONE Free Saefty. That puts Cody back at DB, Roberts on the bench... Anderson, Gordon, Cody and Tiller looks pretty good... especially if Beveridge plays like he can in the middle.

BUT our biggest need by far remains on the Oline (that and getting our guys healthy)

Get a guy or two that can shutdown opposing DEs and we're set.

Do something…
Give the fans a break

Give it up! This team as been shit for awhile now. Before all these personal changes came into affect! We need some experienced players to guide the ship! When we let Mike and Rob go, that was the straw that broke the you know what!