Give The Ball To Szarka!

does this guy have a single attempt on the ground this year?

whatever happened to giving him the ball and letting him run over people?

they should have given HIM the ball down on the goalline vs Montreal!

not Foord.

Wasn't it nice back in the day when everyone on both sidelines and everyone in the stands all knew that Szarka was going to get the ball, and nobody was able to stop him. Anybody have any of that footage lying around. I think the rider coaching staff could use a look-see at that.

Szarka had that one good year back when he had the one good year... I think it was about 5 years ago in 2003.

Other than one time flash in the pan, he has not been able to get anything done with the ball since... no more than 3 or 4 yards on a carry.

Thing is this, is that there is very little chance that Szarka can break open for that big gain you hope from a running back.
I don't think he has done it more than once or twice his entire career. I remember back when KK was here and the question was asked to Coach Barrett why he did not use Szarka more on running plays. His answer made good sense to me... "who has the best chance of breaking it open for a big play? Szarka or Keith?" No brainer in my opinion.

Szarka is doing what he does best, make Sasktel commericals, block, play tight end and punch it out on special teams...

Other than that, he is overrated.

Szarka: 6'3, 235 lb
Foord: 5'11, 195 lb
Hughes: 5'10, 208 lb
Cates: 6'0, 215 lb
Childs: 6'2, 220 lb
Bishop: 6'2, 223 lb

You need 1 yard, or less. Use the big guy. He likes to push the pile for 3, and a few times he'll crash through to the secondary for 20+ (although he will end up caught from behind, but the safety will be less willing to want to hit your recievers after taking one of Szarka's hits)

Well he has been given the ball a few times since 2003 and these possible scenarios that people elude to have not happened....

Yeah Szarka is big but if one thinks that being big is all that is needed for a running back then why not hand the ball off to Abou-Mechrek who is probably the biggest guy the team... surely he can drag the d-line for a few yards.

If the coaches thought that Szarka is the saviour that some folks think he could be, they would be using him I am certain. Chris Szarka is not George Reed, and if he ever dreamed he could do what George Reed did game in and game out, he should wake up and apologize.

Quarterback sneak is the way to go for a one yard gain and Hughes and Foord are far more likely to break open than Szarka.

but when you need 1 yard!!!!

give it to the guy who has power behind him! who can get the 1 yard automatically!

that's when he's needed!

I think he pushed Durant into the endzone on that non-touchdown tonight.

That was Hughes, not Szarka. And he pushed the defender, not Durant. (Tandem blocking is illegal).

Our short yardage was embarassing. Especially when compared to Calgary's O-Line.

Durant on short yardage only makes sense if Bishop's thumb is REALLY bad.

You made your point. I don't agree with you and obviously neither does the coaching staff.

Last night Szarka did made a catch for short yardage and basically the wind aided by a Calgary defender brought him down....

I assume you mean against BC? In Montreal, if Bishop knew his left from his right, it was supposed to be a hand-off to Szarka...
Anyway, generally, fullbacks block, runningbacks run. Not sure why so many people think the Riders need to be the exception to that...

Szarka is talented enough to handle a more diversified role, his few offensive plays have become redundant and are an obvious little surprise to defenses

Perhaps a few years back, he's a fantastic blocker, but he's quite slow now.

FINALLY!!!! See what happens when you knock he rust off an old bulldozer. What a great contribution and momentum builder Szarka is. It seems the only way he's brought down is by ankle tackles, maybe high stepping it with the football would end those weak tackles..................

i totally agree. that is what szarka is getting paid for. if it is 1st and goal give it to chris.

Szarka can't carry the ball - he's only got 8 fingers.

but he can still carry the ball better than you i would assume. :lol:

Probably, but no one's clamouring for me to get more touches. Especially Mrs. Lange.

He was all 10 of his fingers, his thumb and finger just got nicked by the saw, he has completely normal fingers.

I heard he's pretty sensitive about the accident still. I've spoken to him a few times on the phone and I made sure to not even try to crack a joke about that. I don't think it's affected him at all, he's primarily a blocker and he had no problems catching the ball so far this year.

Awhile back Drew Remenda gave, in my opinion, a great Chris Szarka interview.
I got the impression that CS is an easily accessible, down to earth individual, who loves the role given him by the game of football, and takes that appreciation and perspective of the game with him when coaching youth or mentoring younger teammates.......

CS may be getting long in the tooth, but i hope he sticks around for a couple more years.......