Give the ball to Avon Cobourne

Now don't get me wrong, What happened tonight was Great. And I would not trade a game like this for anything, but down the road the Alouettes maybe should give the ball to Avon on 1st down. This guy is becoming a work horse. When ever he gets the ball, I don't know but I feel comfortable. He seems to have his mind in the right place. He has great feild presents, and knows where he is on the field. ( look at the second drive of the game when it was second down and 8 ) he knew where he had to get to and got it. Passing on 1st down is good. but not all the time like they where doing this game. I hope they give him the ball on 1st down and he picks up his 6 yards. Calvillo then can do his drop back, step up, and delever for 5 or 6 yards, that he seems to have down. What do you all thank?

This is my first post and I hope to meet you all and have good talks/debates. :smiley: :twisted: lol

He leads the league in yards from scrimmage after two games by a whopping 120 yards over the next guy (Jesse Lumsden). I think Trestman is using his assets just fine.

I would agree with you, I’m sure one of the reason why he has been so susseful so far is becaues 1. he was a no name and 2. now they can’t except him to get the ball. with the passing, the Susesful passing Ca is giving us I would not change a thing, but down the road it has to be open. Give it to him 2-3 times on frist down on a single drive then that will REALLY open up the passing game even more.

What I love about the Als Offense is that it wears the hell down out of opposing defenses. by half-time Winnipeg Linebackers and Dlinesmen were Worn out. Made Calvillo look like Ben Johnson...Well almost LOL!

Maybe we'll have to nickname AC "The Guepardo mexicano"

Hey there is a idea wear them out in the 1st half and run like hell in the second. They won't be able to catch him. There are so much oppotions that this offense gives and the coach that we have, will find them all. I can't wait to bring that cup to MTL! (Hope I don't Jinx it lol)

From the first play last evening it was clear that this was to be a passing game. With Avon Colbourne playing so well the Als would get more balance by giving him the first play of a series to get the defensive team guessing! We did see some play action last evening but those watching knew if it was a psassing or running play. I would suggest the Als develop their play action game.

I remember just a few series back when BC " owned " the Als. Daymon Allen was then QB of BC and, the Als were all blitz at the time. Allen was great in play action and the Als defense really did not know if the play was pass or run with the quickness needed. With AC and Colbourne both excelling at their strength I believe play action could be improved. I thought the play action was rather sloppy last evening and the defense, mostly, did not have to guess. Should the team develop play action with more excellence, both of these two guys would have more of an edge. In addition, play action is helpful in defusing the defensive rush which would give Calvillo additional time to set up.

I guess you are unawair that AC is of Italian decent!

No rol, I believe Hf is correct. He has Mexican heritage.

But I hope They give the ball to Avon more. He is very entertaning to watch. I know it is tough to run with only 2 downs when having to get 10 but still, would be nice.

No I remember reading that his heritage is Italian....
I dont remember where, the Als sie maybe.

Your wrong. Can you say "I'm wrong" ?

"They met, three or four times perhaps, in a group before deciding to strike out on their own, going for coffee downtown. Although she was a Greek-Canadian who grew up in New Bordeaux and he was a Mexican-American from east Los Angeles"

If ever I am wrong, I will be the first to admit it :wink:

Where is what you wrote from?

Say it! Say it ! LOL!

This was a clip from a Gazette article but I've heard AC talk about his upbringing and family in interviews before.

Hey I could be wrong.....I do remember reading that he was Italian. I also remember being surprised....

Gotta admit Calvillo does sound more Italian than it does Mexican

Spanish origin...

Calvillo sounds Italian, but looks Mexican :roll:

I think I recall him saying he was a Mexican American as well.

'Calvillo' is a very Mexican-sounding name. Compare it to Trujillo, Murillo, etc. and you'll see the similarity.

In any case, I love how they're using Cobourne. I have no complaints. He's getting his touches, whether it be on the run or catching screen passes. He's a horse out there and I commend him for the way he's playing. He hits every hole from scrimmage like that hole owes him money. :slight_smile:

If Cobourne stays healthy he could reach 1000+ yards rushing and 1000+ yards receiving in a single season. I don't know if that has ever been done?

He has a good resume. His record in college says a lot.

I like Avon because he understands his position on this offense, and seems to enjoy it. He is riding on a lot of confidence, on a offense that is clicking, scoring over 70 points in 2 games. I say keep doing what's working, and right now, what they're doing, is working.