Thanks Ron Lancaster for improving this team in such a short time. Doesn't anybody on here realize how powerful Montreal is??? Unlike the Marshall regime this team plays with pride and when they lose they actually lose with DIGNITY by playing hard. The Tiger-Cats aren't an embarassment to the C.F.L. anymore. There is nothing wrong with loseing a very hard played game by three points against the POWERHOUSE of the C.F.L.

It's true. They are a totally different looking team.

You are 100% right!!! :thup: :thup: Nice to see somebody else speak the truth on here!!!

Yeah I was sick of losing 34 - 0 every game.


I don't care how much we lose by. It's still a "L". I want a "W"!

The get out to the tryouts next year. :thup: :smiley:

Last second win vs Calgary as opposed to a last second loss. 2nd half meltdown vs Montreal resulting in a close loss as opposed to a 4th quarter meltdown vs Montreal resulting in an even closer loss.

Please explain to me how this is such a drastic improvement. I don't dispute the need to remove Marshall but I honestly don't see that there is any improvement overall. The biggest difference is the kicking game, and if we had changed kickers earlier we very well might have been 2 and 2 when the coaching change was made.

I agree. If Marshall had Myers kicking for him, he'd still be coach. They've made other useful roster additions since he was canned as well. My question is, why "didn't management go out and get these players while Marshall was so under-gunned?"

An Argo fan