Give Stripes a raise.

I just read the article in the spec by Scott Radley (it’s not easy being Stripes) and have to say if Stripes is doing this gig for "a few bucks here and there from the team and some gift certificates" then I can’t be alone in thinking the guy deserves a raise.
If that’s not sounding like a great idea to the team then Lets get Scott Mitchell to don (sp?) the big cat outfit for the Labour day game and see if he thinks it’s worth a little more than a few gift certificates. :wink:

Maybe one of our poll makers should start a poll closer to the date to see if that’s what fans would like…personally I think it would go a long way in fan/team relations and Scott could get to know Hamilton fans even better.

Things were just fine with TC. There was no need to bring in a wannabe.