Give Ruffin the opportunity to Kick!!!!!

We now have another kicker with the Cats Ruffin and it's time to give the new guy a opportunity to kick. If the kid is good he should become our new kicker. In regards to Boreham I believe he is a talented Canadian and a player to keep with the Cats, change his role to Special Teams and Back up DB/Kicker/Punter and the Cats would have a winning combination, just give the new kicker an opportunity to show us his stuff. It's time kick into high gear Ti-Cats and whip the STAMPS, GO CATS GO, Lets score some passing TD's Mr. Maas, Eat Em Raw!!!!!!

If Boreham does poor tonight, Ruffin will be in for the next game. He was only here for a day or two, so it makes sense that Boreham is kicking tonight.

After seeing some of the hits that Jamie has laid on people he sure would make one heckofa special teams player that is if he wasn't the kicker.

He might, if he ever learns to hit with his shoulders, not his head...

What are Marshall and Katz doing?

This Ruffin kid has been aware of the existence of the CFL for at least 12 hours now and he's probably known the name of the team he'll be playing for for at least three or four hours. He might even have picked up his baggage at Calgary International by now. I can't believe they think he needs more time to become our starting kicker.


You can be sure if Boreham has a bad night in Calgary he will join Martin in the scrap heap. One has to wonder about so many bad decision in regards to personnel and how long before a coach needs to be fired. Besides specialty team if our defense gets lit up again it may be time for a coaching chance on that front. Marshall has been far to patient with his staff to date. :?

Bob Young and Co. have been far to patient with Marhsall to date.

Missing four in a row is why Ruffin is here .

He will play soon.

I have supported Boreham from day one. I think that he has the ability to be a great kicker, the part that I think is letting him down is the mental part of the game. He has an opportunity tonight to try and make ammends for a poor start, and I agree that if he doesn’t play up to expectation then he should be either put on a very short leash or follow martin out the door. But to put in Ruffin right now, is just unrealistic. There is no way that he has had time to get the timing down that is essential for field goals. Let him work on his stuff and give Boreham a chance to make ammends before we jump the gun here.

Yes,it’s time for a new kicker ,a young Canuck though ,in the long run.

Not sure if Ruffins ready (sounds like a familiar phrase, hmm...) yet with timing and that but his presence will either make or break Boreham here as a place kicker.

TO those saying that keeping Boreham around was a "bad personnel decision"... He was one of the most accurate kickers in the league last season, was hitting from 50 yards out in the pre-season, and has looked great in practice. These "yips" in his kick developed quite suddenly in the second half of the game vs. the Argos and it wasn't even apparent that there was a problem until last week. You have to give the guy at least ONE WEEK to try and sort out the mechanics. Man, if my lacrosse team dumped me everytime I developed a "yip" in my play without giving me a chance to correct it, I'd never survive through a practice.

This week will be telling, certainly. But to those dumping him now, let me ask you this: are you the same folks complaining about dumping Calvillo several years ago when he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn?

I think the patience paid off.

Last year we were winless in the first half of the season, from which point Bob reorganized the front office, some action was taken and we went .500 from that point on.

I think that's a successful turnaround that inluded action and patience.

That off field action continued in the off season, and some more patience on the field will allow that to take root. Two games into an eighteen game schedule is way too early to make changes.


I can forgive missing an 18 yard from the hash mark because of the extreme angle.

And I can also forgive a bad game like the one he had vs. Montreal. Evryone has a bad game.

I'm sure he'll be fine tonight, and if so all the crticisms should die down. However, if he has another bad outing, then it's cause for concern and maybe even action, especially if it costs us the game.

And THAT is something I would hope everyone could agree with. It's like being a cop - you may think you know from circumstantial evidence who the culprit is, but you don't get that arrest warrant until you have hard evidence. That hard evidence might point to someone else, or it might allow you put away the person you originally targeted - either way, you know for sure. In the real world we call it "due process". In sports we call it "good coaching". On this message board people call it "WHY DOES BOB LET MARSHALL KEEP COACHING HE SHOULD FIRED AND BOREHAM SHOULD BE SUNK TO THE BOTTOM OF LAKE ONTARIO POST HASTE".

I exaggerated a little there. No one on this board has ever used the term "post haste". :wink:

honestly if boreham misses one more feild goal.. im gunna tweak and like pull my hir out, he cost us 9 points last game! 9!!

In competing for playing time, players try to outdo each other every week in practice.

Most of the judgements the coaches make are subjective

BUT NOT when two field goal kickers are competing.

They kick 5 field goals and several kick offs each
in a simulated game situation during every practice.

The kicks are measured for hang time, accuracy and distance.

That is how Jamie Boreham earned his kicking job every week last year.

If you see Jamie kicking in games while Jonathan Ruffin is around
it won't be a testament to what a nice, handsome guy he is

it will be because he won the week's kicking competion.

I just hope that Marshall gives Ruffin a real opportunity and not just one game.Heck we have given Boreham 3 years of chances and he still has not proven worthy of it.Last year we brought in Tack to kick and yes he stunk the joint out but really was that a fair chance to give the kid when we kept giving Boreham more chances than he deserved!Boreham doesnt have to punt so what is his excuse ?Boreham has let us down and will continue to let us down .My point is give Ruffin a real opportunity like Boreham was given!!!!!!!

Sure he's only 3/7 this year in actual games, you know, when it actually matters but man,oh,man shoulda seen him in a machine....kicked the other guy's butt.

One of the most accurate kickers?
In 04 he was 22/37
In 05 he was 23/32
That's one hell of a case of stubborn yips.