Give me one reason...

to watch the Cats / Esks game on Saturday. Maybe to see Machoochachoo's last game as coach of the Esks? I can't think of anything else? Can anyone? These two teams have been terrible for 2 seasons, why would we want to watch them on the last week of the season. Maybe TSN will do us a favour and cancel their telecast.

Oh, so negative.

I'm hoping the Eskimos sign Machocia to a ten year contract extention! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously, while they are both last place teams, I am still a CFL fan, I'll be watching this game regardless.

Me too. If you love the CFL, you watch the games. Period.

You watch for the play(er)s. There will still be some good plays. There will be some players who will have good games. You watch looking for hope for next yr.

But mostly, you watch because it is OUR GAME.

You took time out of whatever you were doing to come here and post that, so im guessing that you are either a fan of your team, or you like to complain, or both.

If you're a fan of your team, then watch the game. Every year 2 teams miss the playoffs, should fans of those teams just not care? The CFL wouldn't exist if that happened.

One reason?
Maybe because it might be a good game?

Its the CFL...
There isnt too many games left. Enjoy them while you can. It wont be very long until you are hoping the 2008 season starts.

This will be one of the better teams to watch. The players will be playing for their jobs next year and i guarantee that there will be big hits!! The other one is Montreal vs. Winnipeg will be the other game with 1st still up for grabs. The playoff bound west teams will be resting a lot of guys or at least sit them the second half with everything playoff wise decided.

It's a CFL game, if you need any more reason to watch it than that, you are on the wrong board.

It won't be very exciting no, but if I'm home I'll watch it because I love the CFL and I'll always support players who try hard and earn a honest humble living. Is that not enough? Even if they have only 7 combined wins I can't imagine the work they go through in a season to entertain us fans. I also love TSN's broadcasts and I watch as many as I can because before Friday night football, we had mixed bag on some random night football without a analysis team. Friday football rocks and have singlehandedly improved veiwership, attendance and general interest in the CFL.

There will be something to play for this weekend in the Ticats/Esks game this weekend. That is, an invite back to training camp next year. With all then missed plays from guys on both the Ticat and Esks rosters, it ain't just Taafe, Maciocia and their coaching staffs on thin ice. Myself, the only absolutely safe guys I can see on the Esks roster are Ray, LeFors, Tucker, Ebell, Anderson, Peterson, and Goss. Fleming if he suddenly decided not to retire and try one more season at kicker. Not alot out of a 46-man roster....

What else would I do?

I will be hoping to see more of williams.

It's the Garbage Bowl! What more reason do you need?

Most of these guys will be playing for jobs as the saying goes.

LeFors should be ending strong. Look for more pops from Will Loftus (wow). See if Maurer shows up for a big hit on special teams after 2 big flags against him last game...

I think Caully(sp?) will be busting his hump for Hamilton. Williams should end strong too. And sensation Moreno should be still fired up: "I dare you to run!"

..and maybe Casey will showcase his new cell phone with bluetooth on the sideline (sorry, memory still fresh from BC)

You only need 1 reason.....
Its the CFL!

I'll be watching every game as usual. Gotta watch as much as I can, in 4 weeks hibernation sets in.