Give me one good reason

Why this team will make it if the Gliebs are still in power. They have shown nothing to make me beleive they will improve this team.

cuz if they don’t make it, their finshed.

ducmonk, I disagree. I think the signings to multi years of Banks, Hebert, etc is a way of showing me the Gliebs want longeviity within the organization. I also agree if they don't do something this year it is over and they know that. I know I renewed and 2 for 1 couldnt beat it.

Whats with you guys and all the doom and gloom predictions? Do you even live in Ottawa? If so and if you are a real fan, then you'd have went to some home games and would have noticed that on most nights we were competitive, and even when we were on a winning streak fans still didnt show up, so it has nothing to do with the owners. And as someone already pointed out, Ottawa has signed a core of key players to long term deals? Ever read the paper its the best way to stay informed, so that way you wont sound so dumb when you say that ownership has done nothing. Ottawa will be fine if our fans change and more people join me and actually come out to the games. At $25 bucks a pop, its cheap and a wicked way to spend a summer night. Ottawa will make the playoffs this year(we only missed by one this year) and sign some solid free agents this off-season. Plus the hiring of Rod Rust is an excellent move and you cant argue that. So stop complaining and just wait and see, I think you'll be surprised

RR I am pretty sure Moscow is a season ticket holder as he said he renewed at 2 for 1. I dont share the doom and gloom though. I think we have a great shot this year. The signings tell me that our rookies will be one year better and if we can just sign one or two free agents then giddi up

RR and Bart

I share your thoughts and passion. I have been telling that to anyone who would listen. I truly believe this is going to be a kick ass year for Gades fans, we are going to show the CFL we are for real. We will be better, stronger and faster. Jenkins won't let it happen any other way. he is a bastard to play for but you appreciate it when you leave him. He will make you better.

i hope you are right Moscow, cuz year after year of losing football gets tiring. If the gades have a winning season this year, they might have to increase the seating capacity next year.
This city wants a winning football team!
If the Gliebs can put a winning team on the field, cowboy boots or forgetful GM's, will not keep fans away.
I don't care what he's done before, or what colour his hair is, if Jenkins can make this team win, he's my guy!

(July 1st can't come soon enough...)

This above, is your brain on drugs.