Give Martin the Boot

Im sorry but watching Martin play today was embarassing. It was like watching a mouse trying to stop a bus. Toronto threw to his side all nite and the guy couldnt cover his own eyes, let alone Baker or Talbot. Hes too slow for a DB yet cant hit to be an LB. Bradley gets his spot next week i hope.

I think we need Brooks to start at MLB to and that will alleviate some problems.

what will that alleviate? your crazy if you think that is the problem.

I agree, we should start Moreale over Yeast on O and replace Auggie with Brooks. The guy is to good to be rotting on the bench cause of the silly import ration rule.

I think Auggie is fine but I think Martin should take a back seat to Kornegay next week

the ratio does not affect those guys...and moreale get him in!

I don't think Offense needs to make adjustments once they click together they will be fine.

The offense will be fine.

Martin on the other hand looked pathetic (especially when CBC did that close up on his face when Bruce was pulling away yards at a time..... while the ball was still in the air....)

Martin wasn't much good at LB, and he's not doin so hot at DB, I'm willing to give some benefit of the doubt and say he hasn't lost enough bulk from when he was at LB last year to play the speedy DB position. but if thats the case he shouldn't be starting.

I've never been sold on Auggie as a MLB so I agree about getting Brooks in there him I'm sold on.

Agreed. I'd move Auggie to the outside.

at the expense of who? Armour? Cox? Mariuz? Hitch?

Put auggie at the backup spot. he'll see plays (especially on the 3-4 set) just not as much

at the expense of who? Armour? Cox? Mariuz? Hitch?
No. Yes. Yes. Yes.

So you think Cox who got the Interception yesterday and Hitchcock who made some good tackles yesterday and Mariuz who still needs to gel with the new Defense players. Jykine Bradley should have maybe played. And you can see my other thoughts if you scroll up a little bit.

Hmmm...that's a good question.

I'll take Brooks at MLB, Armour on one side.

Not sure who'd the other OLB would be.

I thought Cox had a good game, and given more time I'd love to compare Auggie with Mariuz.

Thats a tough question Espo?

i gotta agree there, Armour takes the one side and Brooks should probably get a chance in the middle. we've got more than enough NIPs starting we dont NEED auggie to start, as much as i'd like him to.

between him and Mariuz i'm torn showever shows the most .... um... balls out play?

It's a no brainer....Brooks should be starting. He's much stronger against the running game than Auggie who seems to make the tackle 6 to 7 yards down the field.
Mariuz is a player. With Brooks, Armour, and Mariuz, we should be pretty solid at linebacker.
The bigger problem area is the secondary. The coverage is not tight enough, and we're certainly not physical enough. Other than Tay Cody, we have not improved at all. Were's our hard hitting free safety who can cover sideline to sideline.
We were pretty weak there last year and I think this year it's going the same problem area. Oh yeah........were's Babers? this guy should be playing here.
With a top notch scouting network setup I feel confident we'll bring in the players we need to succeed.

just my two cents worth :cowboy: