Give Kevin Glenn 1 More Year - Opinions Welcome -

I know i was one of the first to knock Glenn's Performance in the past and even called for his head at one time. but looking at the stats when he was playing and if he can stay injury free, i think we have a top 3 QB in this league.

I know there are alot of people who will disagree with me and some that may agree. But looking at all the facts, i think we need to sign a reliable backup QB before worrying about getting rid of Kevin. Besides, there will be many pissed off Bomber player's if Kevin does go. It seems that competition brings out the best in Kevin.

Is Brad Banks that man? well the answer in my opinion is he could be!!, but he is a free agent and his contract is way to high for a backup.

Look at all the other teams (well most) and there back-up situation.

BC - Buck Pierce
Sask - Rocky butler and Marcuss Cradell
Toronto - Micheal Bishop
Montreal - Nealon Greene and Marcus Brady

Would it be so hard to try and pry a proven QB from one of those teams? Crandell has won a Grey Cup with CGY, Greene can still move and run when he needs to.

Come on Taman look at the back-ups in this league and tell me why we are alway's stuck with the worst (maybe with the exception of Eakin in Hamilton) and most unproven back-ups.

I think a Crandell , Brady or Greene would be great for Glenn, give him some real competition.

It's quite simple, the Bombers obviously have trouble scouting import backup quarterbacks. I'd suggest hiring some scouts that have proven themselves capable of finding good talent, or, as you suggested, try prying a veteran QB who has been around in the CFL for a while.

...i say we go after Ricky Ray :lol: ...hows that lol...What we need is a seasoned veteran for sure.....who that could be is the question....I would like to see Kevin remain with the Bombers....but would feel a whole lot better if we had a capable guy ready to step in when needed....Now who is available is the question...Damon Allen ...might have a year left in him...if he would accept being a back-up and mentor to Glenn...but i doubt he would be happy with that position...and might be too expensive...Crandell or Butler might be an option...Banks is a free agent..and if we don't re-sign him....Mr. Tillman will be very interested...therefore making Rocky or Marcus very expendable....There's going to be a lot of questions about the Bomber qb. position in the off-season...Maybe Taman will come up with the right's hoping...?????? :roll:

Hey PaPa, if Garcia dumps a load in Philly...
Taman is pretty slick. Go Blue!!!

I'am not totally sold on Glenn as a starter but we have to go after a proven Qb to challenge Glenn for the #1 position. Last I heard Taman was looking into one of the second stringers in the league. I wonder how Berry's relationship was/is with Nealon Greene. Not that he's the answer but there are not alot of proven decent Qbs available. It looks like we'll be keeping the entire coaching staff. I just hope they get it together and get on the same page with all concerned.

papa man ray is the worst thing the team can hope for. And that is hard to say. put it this way a main reason the esks blow is because all ricky does is throw. no ground attack no suprise coming or chance to change up, styles. the best thing winnipeg has is the ability to run the ball succesfully and then change style and go deep. glenn is good at it. I still think durng the ottawa draft we shoulda gone after kerry but w.e we got some good linamn and that proved to be worthwhile. i think we try get a new b or stick with glenn 1 more year.

I am pretty sure that Taman is set on Glenn as a starter, but agree as mentioned he should look for a seasoned veteren QB as backup QB, there are plent around, some may even become starters (everone has to start or has started somewhere)

Back-Up Qb's

BC - Buck Pierce, Jackson
CGY - McManus and ????
Edm - Johnson and ????
Sask - Rocky Butler and Marcuss Crandell
Wpg - LOL .... no one worth mentioning (Banks if he re-signs)
Hamilton - eakin and ????
Toronto - Bishop and Wynn (wynn will be gone and we don't need his whining a$$)
Montreal - Marcus Brady and Nealon greene.

Now the only options i see here are with Sask and Montreal - (Crandell or Greene) both have starting experience and i think would make Glenn a little worried about his job and make him work harder on his Niche's.

Other's might be Jackson from B.C (third stringer, but so was Khari Jones) he is yound and he can run.

Long Shots are obviously buck pierce and Micheal Bishop

will not go after - McManus or Eakin or Johnson from there respective teams.

So all in all it's either greene, Crandell, Jackson or Brady?

if Taman wants experience to push glenn then he will go for Greene or crandell 9which i wouldn't mind either of them)

If Taman wants young, then Jackson or Brady

But then again Taman has an option to re-sign banks, dinwiddie and wants to bring in 2 former NFL QB's as well .... so this is my thought.

Keep Glenn - Sign Banks (young and potential) and Greene or Crandell now the depth chart would look something like this if this was to happen

  1. Glenn

  2. Greene

  3. Bnks

  4. Glenn

  5. Crandell

  6. Banks

Now sorry this was so long but as mentioned this will be a debate all off-season and i like the looks of either of the above depth charts for 2007. :thup: :rockin:

Nealon Greene won't make any quarterback worried about their job.....

the backup to get is Jarius Jackson. He is a solid player, and comes at a third string salary. He might be the sixth or seventh best in the league. He looked awfully good in the season finale.

In my opinion, a lot of the reason that Pierce, Printers, Dickenson and Jackson have all looked phenomenal at quarterback is because of the offensive scheme and wide receivers that BC has. These quarterbacks won't be nearly as effective in an inferior offensive scheme with inferior receivers(so basically they won't be as productive on any other team in the league, IMO).

You think Winnipeg has the worst backup QBs? Try being an Als fan. If you want Nealon Greene, I want what you're smoking. The guy has been beyond terrible this year. Brady hasn't been much better -- in fact he lost us one game this year by fumbling the ball trying to stretch for more yardage on a friggin third-down gamble. Nothing going on upstairs with either man. Banks still has potential but I'm sure he knows that he'll have to earn much less no matter where he signs.

Winnipeg has better back ups than Montreal, Hamilton, Edmonton, Calgary, and maybe Sask. However, Sask's qb's did win a game and Winnipeg's didn't. Winnipeg had better backups than Toronto until the last eight minutes of the Bomber's season. All that after not even having a starter at the beginning of the season and firing the two best back ups early in the year.

And some fans still want to fire the qb coach

I wouldn't give up on Banks yet. He could still be the one to push Glenn.

I have NOT been a Kevin Glenn fan, so this will sound funny comming from me. Give him one more year. Give him some receivers that don't have a bad case of "Dropsies". (Armstrong and Stegal EXCLUDED from this bunch) My biggest knock on Glenn is he forces the ball and gets into trouble at critical times. Maybe with another year to mature and some receivers that can hold onto the ball, he may have a more PRODUCTIVE year.

I agree Sporty, both Banks and Dinwiddie are young guys who should be kept around and Glenn would have given Calvillo a run for East MO qb had he stayed healthy all year...but it would be nice to have another guy on the bench who has been there done that, I would even take McManus or Allen for that role.

sport..Banks is too expensive to keep around....he's a free agent...i expect him to be gone....Dinwiddie still has potential....really haven't given the guy a proper shot.....But we definitely need a vet on this team...thought i'd slip this one in...nothing to do with qbs. ...BUT...HERE WE GO.....according to Harris of the BigBlue....Arland Bruce 111 wants to return to the place where he broke into this league and wear the BluenGold again....if its true...and Stegal returns.....we've already signed Armstrong....whoa....i like that receiving corps...that group could make any qb. look good...Bruce is still under contract to the it would have to be a trade....Rumour or fact....i guess we'll have to wait... :roll:

If that happened Papa,It would give you guys three decent receivers.

Time to get rid of "No Hands" Brazzel. He's a waste of locker room space.

I finally disagree with PAPA, if Banks is let go, he would have to take a pay cut with any team, so in return i say that Taman try and re-sign him for less a.s.a.p (he has until Feb) Our recievers will be fine and i agree with Sports on the Brazell one, everyone thought it was an excellent trade for now it seems Peterson catches the ball more in Hamilton .... trade Brazell ... our other recievers showed promise and are still young, even with Milt and Armstrong as the top 2 i would be happy ... IF the BRUCE rumour is for real and somehow Taman grabs him again, without argument, we would have the best recieving core in the league (Lions fans would argue there case). :rockin: question the Bombers would love to have Arland back...BUT....he's still under contract to the we trade to get him....that is the question...i don't think draft choices will do it...anyone else have a guess or who could we afford to let go without hurting the core of this team???????? :roll:

You guys are crazy if you think that the Argos are going to part with Arland Bruce, their best receiver and arguably their best player this year.

lol no truth to this rumor as i suspected.

but if we can re sign banks for a smaller contract, i believe he has developed quite nicely. he showed us this in the last game against BC. he was actually mnoving the offence after we took dinwidie out. he threw a TD pass, and he showed some great mobilty. i remember one play in particular, burned in the back of my head. someone had him in the back field for a huge loss, he spun off him and got the first down. Banks will make a fine back up if we can sign him for lower pay. another option, trade for crandell. id really like to see crandel here as our back up, he can win games, i think he is the second best back up in the league.

the third stringer from bc doesnt look bad either (cant remember his name for the life of me), but as esks123 said, it could be the system, and the fact that they have all around amazing recievers. the recievers could also benifit from the system to however. it is very supicious though.

but someone mentioned nealon green, i do think he makes an ok back up, he throws a lot of picks though. personally i think brady howed a lot more promise then green. i have no idea why mathews made greene the back up, but if it were up to me.... id definately go for brady out of the two