Give it up for Number 97!! OUTSTANDING in Canada!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!! Number 97 BRENT JOHNSON!!!

Way to bring it home, baby!! This guy outta be a 2-way lineman. Sack the QB, force the fumble, turnover, AND the very next play, Antonio grabs a shirtfull and follows the Big 9 and 7 to the promised land!!!

Hats off to Eiban, bridesmaid to a Leo again...but much respect.

... now what to do with the vacant position left by number 51...

heyyyy at least the ornage silks won something lol, after an 11-0 start you would think it would be more, BUT NOPE

None of our Linemen would challenge in that catagory! LOL

Good choices. Johnson and Eiban are defensive stars for their respective teams.