Give him credit !!!

I have to say right now that i was one of Jason Maas 's biggest critic and believe that l was justified in doing so by the way he played before the Edmonton series,but now after watching his last two games l have to give him credit.Jason Maas is starting to look like the QB we thought we were getting.I am not ready to jump on his bandwagon yet ,but his passes seem crisper and more accurate and his leadership is contagiuos to the rest of his teamates.Jason still has a long way togo before he makes us forget what a dismal season we had with him as are starting QB, but l am willing to see what he can do down the stretch as his confidence grows and his teammates confidence grows about him.!

if he plays all of next season like he did last nite, the ticats will have 9 wins or more.

388 yards passing is very impressive...and it coulda been more had ralph and peterson hung onto some perfectly thrown balls.

I think Jason Really misses his Family Isn't there anyway the Cat Organization can convince him to Relocate his family to Hamilton I know his wife has a business in Edmonton, but there must be a way

I have been insulted and slammed on here for defending Maas. He IS a good QB and he's showing now that the guys are working with him. A QB looks real bad when a team doesn't play as a team. We witnessed that most of this season. The last two games they came back together again and looked alot more like the team that started at the beggining of the season. We had a couple of really close games against Montreal and Calgary then everything kind of fell apart. Everyone was real quick to jump all over Maas. Although he wasn't playing his best, even I'll admit that, neither was anyone else. They're looking good, better late than never, but the real test will come against BC. If nothing else this year allowed them to come together as a team. Next year will be much better I'm sure. I still like Maas as the QB but would really like to see more of Williams.

Well said, I defended Maas when most wanted his head on a stick, he showed last night what he could still do what we all expected him to come in the starting of this year and do. If his game against Edmonton is any indication of things to come we are in for a treat, the entire team seemed to be clicking when Maas was playing strong.

I still have reservatons about MAAS. The next game will tell a lot if he plays well and they beat BC I will feel much better about the team going into next year.

Amen. I may NEVER be a Maas fan much as I was never a MacManus fan but last nights effort was MUCH MUCH better. I am disappointed in the lying that has been going on about Maas' health and the fact we might have won 1 or 2 games more earlier had Maas been rested in favour of just about anyone

A healthy Jason Maas looks wonderful. If he can stay healthy for the rest of the season and in the off season, next year could be very exciting. It looks like he's working very hard to sell seasons tickets for the coming year. After watching him improve over the last couple of games, we're in!

I’m not really expecting a win against BC. They’re a really good team, playing excellent ball as of late. I just want to see how close Maas can keep it. He went to the long pass a bit in Edmonton and it worked nicely for him, hopefully we’ll see more of that. BC is one tough team, I can’t ask for too much, just keep her close guys. Winnipeg we can beat. That I really want to see. If they keep playing as a team then we’ll see some good ball games. Next year we’ll be in the mix.